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Meet Tracy

Tracy Stroderd

Tracy Stroderd was born in Minnesota and raised in Alaska.  She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has embodied the spirit of innovative thinking. Throughout her childhood, her courage and dynamic personality were illustrated in her extra curricular activities, such as snow skiing, baseball, riding motorcycles, volleyball and cheerleading.  Tracy has been a risk taker and a top performer from the beginning.

After moving to Brevard County, FL, in 1985 and raising 5 children, she fearlessly continued to follow her heart.  Tracy has started, owned, operated and sold several companies including a local business magazine, a direct mail coupon magazine, and a trade and barter company.  Her 20 plus years of business experience give her valuable insight to the challenges that many local business owners face when it comes to advertising and marketing.  In the spirit of helping the community with creative solutions, Tracy and her husband Wendall developed to be a solution and resource for local small business owners and community members.

Today, Tracy and her team of talented and entrepreneurial-thinking individuals, are focused on helping business owners develop strategies for business success while using the online platform. 

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