Tank Wizards - Who We Are
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Tank Wizards

Brevard County Florida fuel tank cleaning and filtration company serving all of Florida and Georgia. All work guaranteed!

Tank Wizards
7619 Coral Drive
Melbourne, FL 32904
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Who We Are

A Little About Us

Our Mobile Tank Cleaning Rig

Tank Wizards is a family owned and operated company based in Palm Bay, Florida. We service not only Brevard County but also all of Florida and Georgia. We are in the fuel tank cleaning business. Mostly we clean tanks in critical needs applications such as backup power generators, flood control pumps, diesel powered irrigation systems, and emergency response fuel sites. However we are set up to clean fuel tanks and provide fuel quality assurance for fleets, marine, heavy equipment operators and most any other type of bulk fuel storage.

  Our company was born of over two decades of exposure to and experience in the related fields of fuel, industrial chemicals, and hydraulic equipment. The proprietary process we use for cleaning above ground (AST) and underground (UST) fuel storage tanks was developed over a twenty year period of cleaning millions of gallons of fuel and thousands of tanks in various industries such as citrus groves, cattle farms, State, Federal, and Municipal applications, hospitals, nursing homes and many more.

  I am sure we can clean your fuel tanks and assure you a clean, dependable supply of fuel when you need it most. Give us a call or email to arrange for a no-cost fuel supply sampling and analysis.