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Monas Labs

Internationally recognized experts in research, development, and production of professional quality skincare products.

Monas Labs
640 Atlantis Rd
Melbourne, FL 32904
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About Us

Monas Labs produces high quality products and are known for their impeccable manufacturing standards. Located in Melbourne, Florida, Monas Labs formulates, tests, creates, packages, and ships skincare products. With an extensive portfolio, they have an established reputation of being a pioneer in the industry.

The Monas Labs brand is recognized internationally as experts in cosmetic chemistry and professional skincare manufacturing. Using both cutting-edge ingredients and high-performance traditional ingredients, they produce products that protect healthy skin and reduce the effects of aging.


What We Offer

Private Label Production
Monas Labs provides cosmetic grade formulas for private labels. Our highly qualified team of professionals offers the partnership needed for developing and manufacturing unique products for your private label. Our team will listen to your needs and guide you through the entire process. From product selection to packaging, Monas Labs has the experience you need to create, produce, and ship out products that will make you proud to put your label on.

Contract Manufacturing and Bulk Production
At Monas Labs, we will fill your formula into your desired packaging and ship where you want it to go. You can have confidence in our consistent production lines and ability to fill timely orders. We also will formulate a product and fill bulk containers for you.

Contact us for a free consultation by calling (888) 777-8474 or visiting our website.

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