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A Grassroots Political Organization.

Brevard Republican Executive Committee
478 N. Babcock Street
Suite 601
Melbourne, FL 32901
Today's Hours: By Appointment Only
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A Letter from the Chairman


Thank you for visiting the Republican Party of Brevard website.

We are committed to electing Republican candidates to office

who represent our conservative principles and our values of

Faith, Family and Freedom.

Our meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month,

and if you are a registered Republican,

then I would like to invite you to attend as my guest.

Please bring your voter registration card.

Networking begins at 6:30 PM and the meeting starts at 7PM.

Join us in 2019!

Become informed.

Get involved.

Make a difference!

I look forward to meeting you.

Rick Lacey, Chairman

Brevard Republican Executive Committee                     

Our Beliefs and Objectives:

  • Limit government intervention in our businesses,
  • the economy, and our day-to-day lives.
  • Additionally, we advocate lower taxes
  • and less government spending.
  • Each person is responsible
  • for his or her own place in society.
  • Enable the ability to secure the benefits of society
  • for the people and their families.
  • Limit the intervention of government
  • on individual prosperity.
  • Each individual’s destiny should be
  • in the individual’s hands while keeping
  • governmental power and resources close to the people,
  • yet only through their state and community leaders,
  • and not by federal government agencies.
  • Free enterprise inspires economic growth
  • through innovative developments,
  • the kind that have made our nation great.
  • To help stimulate business environments where people
  • are free to use their talents,
  • and not suppress it with over-regulation and taxation.

About Us:

The Executive Committee is the governing arm of the

Republican Party in Brevard County.

It is composed of men and women who represent

the precincts in the county.

Some of the goals and objectives of the BREC are:

  • Election to office of qualified persons
  • Promote an informed electorate
  • through political education
  • Increase Republican voter registration
  • Seek qualified candidates for local, county, state,
  • and federal offices
  • Promote the election of all Republican candidates
  • in the General Elections
  • Uphold the principles of freedom,
  • equality, and justice on which the Republican Party
  • and the government of this nation is founded,
  • as set forth in the Constitution of the United States
  • and the State of Florida.