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A Grassroots Political Organization.

Brevard Republican Executive Committee
2825 Business Center Blvd. Suite A4
or PO Box 410153
Melbourne, FL 32940
Fax: 321.254.0083
Today's Hours: By Appointment Only
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Just the Facts

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The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments.

The Constitution

Watch the vote's of your individual Congressman and Senators

Learn about legislation that affects your life:

Your Government at work.

The Library of Congress








Mark Levin says:

We Believe in Americanism                               They Believe in Progressivism

We Believe in The Constitution                          They Believe in Centralism

We Believe in Individualism                               They Believe in Conformity

We Believe in Private Property                           They Believe in Collectivism

We Believe in Prosperity                                    They Believe in Redistribution

We Believe in Separation of Powers                    They Believe in An All Powerful Administration State

We Believe in Eternal Truths                               They Believe in Ideological Social Engineering

We Believe in Cultural Stability                           The Believe in Constant Transformation

We Believe in Real Science                                 They Believe in Social Science

We Believe in Rights of Man                                They Believe in Power of Government

We Believe in Moral Order                                  They Believe in Situational Ethics

We Believe in Liberty                                         They Believe in Growing Authoritationism

We Believe in Education                                     They Believe in Indoctrination

We Believe in Civil Society                                 They Believe in Federal Control