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Andy Ziegler for School Board District 5

Andy Ziegler is experienced, dedicated, and has a plan for improving the schools for our community and children.

Andy Ziegler
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About Andy

Originally from Massachusetts, Andy Ziegler graduated from FIT in 1983 with a B.S. in Computer Science. He and his wife Patty, (B.S.B.A. UCF ’84), have owned and operated their own IT businesses in Brevard since 1987. Both sat on many charitable boards and have been active in community service all their lives. Both Patty and their daughter, Janielle, are Melbourne High School graduates.

Andy believes that to represent your community as an elected official, you must be regularly involved. Hence, he is one of the most visible and easily accessible officials in Brevard County. Andy attends countless events year round. He is a tireless advocate for children with special needs and has supported every effort to expand resources for these children.

Performance Matters

Servant leadership is a mindset that focuses on others rather than oneself. Mr. Ziegler has always subscribed to identifying ways to make things better for others. 

Andy’s past performance is evidence of serving the betterment of others.  As a good leader, Andy Ziegler does not brag about his accomplishments, however, while running for office, it is incumbent upon him to make sure that voters understand why he is the best person for the position.

Accomplishments Matter

Andy Ziegler is responsible for two successful initiatives which cumulatively generate over $5 Million per year without taxing residents. Andy has championed the successful implementation of health centers for employees which provide free health care, yet avoid over $4 Million of health care expense, allowing more money to stay in the classroom. That’s $9 Million saved!

Andy has continually supported teacher and staff raises and fights vocally for the best possible work environments for employees. The union continues to contact Andy about many employee issues as they know he stands strong for both employees and students. Andy supports a compensation equity initiative to pay all employees fairly.

Andy Ziegler is passionately championing the expansion of anti-bullying and suicide prevention in our schools by partnering with business to sponsor more of these programs throughout Brevard.

Experience Matters

Andy has proven his dedication to serving Brevard through proven successes. Reducing testing, increasing vocational program opportunities for students, expanding choice programs and accessibility.

Andy continues to receive numerous endorsements from the business community because he works hard to partner businesses with schools to create a curriculum towards careers needed to help Brevard students succeed. Andy clearly understands the importance great schools play in developing a strong local economy.

Security Matters

School security is a high priority. Andy continually seeks the guidance of security experts like Sheriff Wayne Ivey while also accepting input from internal and external stake holders. Andy stood firm many years ago in his support of increased capital funding which was essential for implementing facility security long before it became a hot public topic.

Andy Ziegler continues to be a strong supporter of multiple layers of security and recommended full time security specialists in addition to a School Resource Officer (SRO) at every school. The two serve separate functions but operate as a unified team to keep children and employees safe.

The Future Matters

Future plans that Andy Ziegler supports include building more school capacity to meet the growth in West Melbourne and Palm Bay and building a new middle school in Viera. Additionally, he is working to find more efficient ways to operate the district’s self-funded health plan, with the confidence it can reduce costs by another $3-5 Million per year while providing increased service to Brevard schools employees.

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