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Dragonfly Botanica Apothecary & Teas

A tasty and healthful line of fine teas, tea blends and herbals to support a healthy lifestyle. We are at The Heart of Healthy Living in Melbourne.

Dragonfly Botanica Apothecary & Teas
8085 Spyglass Hill Road - Suite 122
Inside One Senior Place Building
Melbourne, FL 32940
Today's Hours: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
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Pet Products

All Natural Healthy Liquid Treats for Pets

Treat your four-legged friends to a natural and beneficial treat of herbal teas by Pet-Ts. 

We all love our cats and dogs, so why not treat them to the very best. The calming and refreshing qualities of herbal teas can benefit pets, as well as humans. After a vigorous romp in the park or a stressful day at the vet, your pet can unwind and rehydrate with Pharmacist Choice Herbal Pet-Ts. A collection of herbal tea blends especially made for pets using only 100% premium natural herbal ingredients & flavors.

Sourced around the World Made in the USA, they are Vet Approved, Healthful and Fun!

Personalize your pet's herbal tea experience by presenting it the way he or she will like best.

Iced Tea: Make our tea in the traditional way and then chill for a cool and refreshing drink. Does your dog like ice cubes? Make them with herbal tea for a healthy treat.

Traditional Tea: Brew your pet a cup of tea and join him with your own cup for a nice, relaxing tea time with your best friend.

Kicked-Up Water: Mix brewed herbal tea into your pet's water (4 parts water and 1 part tea) for a healthy and soothing drink.

Treats: Make tea time a special occassion and serve with your pet's favorite treats.

Food Infusion: Enhance your pet's food by adding our vet-approved herbal tea to wet or dry foods.

Play-Time Tea: Soak your pet's favorite toy with our herbal tea and have some fun. Try our catnip variety for a great time with kitty.

Herbal Teas for Dogs and Cats:

  • Chamomile Imported Floral
  • Lavender Imported Floral
  • Cat Nip Organic Loose-leaf
  • Pepermint Organic Loose-leaf
  • Rooibos Organic Herbal

For Dogs:

  • Le Grand Wag Herbal Blend Teabags
  • Marco Polo Herbal Blend Teabags
  • Ruff Day Herbal Blend Teabags

For Cats:

  • MeowTopia Herbal Blend Teabags

Visit our website for more information.