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Women and Weight Loss

Why Diet's Don't Work

Why, if there is a new diet every week, are our obesity rates climbing continuously in the USA? That is a question every American should ask themselves.   Does it really boil down to calories in, calories out?? Think about that for a moment, does the body really process 100 calories of broccoli the same way it processes 100 calories of ice cream? Are all calories equal? Is restricting calories the best way to lose unwanted fat?

Let’s explore the type of fat that is the hardest to lose, toxic fat. This fat is usually found in the abdomen. Women like to call it the “muffin top” while men refer to it as their “beer belly”. Either way you look at it, this is fat that has congregated in the middle of the abdomen, and despite the amount of exercise, it is extremely hard to release. Why??

Well, the body has one job that it does no matter what. It will do anything and everything to accomplish this feat. It is a master at keeping you alive!! So no matter what you do to abuse it, it will compensate in everyway to make sure you continue keeping on. When the average person “diets”, they are restricting the number of calories coming into their body, this will release weight in the short term, no problem. But since the toxins living in these fat cells were never addressed, as soon as the person goes back to their usual habits, the weight they lost, as well as more, piles on quickly and a cycle has begun.

This cycle of releasing and gaining weight is so commonly seen in America. It is extremely taxing on the internal organs and rarely leads to long-term results. It is essential to address the toxins hiding inside the fat cells in order to truly experience weight loss. Dieting is actually one of the triggers causing your body to make more fat, and it is a good thing it does or you may have a hard time staying alive!

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