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The Yoga Garden
1482 Pineapple Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935

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Apr 27

Intuitive Eating and Living: A Realistic Approach To Holistic Health

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Date: Saturday April 27, 2019
Location: The Yoga Garden
Address: 1482 Pineapple Ave., Melbourne, FL, 32935
Category: Health
A month long, comprehensive health and nutrition coaching program which is personalized to your
health concerns and goals!
This is not a strict, one size fits all prescription or meal plan. This is a deep dive into what is going
on in your life and on your plate.

What is throwing your body out of balance?
What is holding you back from reaching your health goals?

You will have education, personal attention, plus group support and accountability towards making small (or big!) steps in the right direction for you. This is about sustainable changes, feeling your best self and getting to know your own body and health needs intimately and

1. Align yourself with eating habits that best serves your body and overall health goals
2. Examine all areas of your life to identify areas which need attention, to truly achieve
balance, health and happiness!

This Series is broken into 3 parts, with two weeks in between so you can slowly implement everything you learn as we go. Each session will include mindfulness meditation, journaling, discussions on personal diet and routine as well as a lecture on creating a realistic, sustainable lifestyle. The time between each session, you will have access to a Facebook group for peer support, two yoga class vouchers so you can incorporate some healthy activity into your routine as well as some goal driven action items to get you to your potential.

This series is for everyone and anyone! No experience required...just an open mind and willing spirit!

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