Lori Burke Hypnotherapy - Client Success Stories
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Lori Burke Hypnotherapy

Offering a full range of hypnotherapy services for those seeking positive life changes, increased confidence and well-being.

Lori Burke, Clinical Hypnotherapist
5445 Village Drive
Suite 107
Viera, FL 32955
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Client Success Stories

Life-changing Results

“… I felt immediate results and feel like a new woman. I have experienced relationship improvement, less anxiety and feel like I’m better able to communicate my thoughts and feelings with others.”  Tracy S.

“… Over the course of a few months, Lori gave me the tools to really examine and embrace the mind-body connection, and with her help, I’ve overcome ALL my childhood trauma, my bad habits, and have even lost over 20 pounds. I am a changed woman, and I’m just SO thankful I was referred to Lori because it is not an exaggeration when I say she has totally and completely changed my life for the better.”  Maureen G.

“… My very first session was incredible as I felt relief from sadness and a weight lifted off my shoulders. Lori’s soothing voice and ability to help you better understand your emotions and inner self are remarkable. It’s life changing and almost spiritual.”  Jen R.

“… I found Lori and within just a few months of working together, my life is no longer stuck. My feelings have shifted profoundly, and I am making great strides toward a new career.  My relationships are more harmonious. I wake up happy, I exercise daily, and I feel an inner joy.  I no longer have a lifetime of emotional baggage weighing me down.”  J. Prince

“I came to Lori with problems that included insomnia, depression, stuck in grief … and after a few sessions, she changed my life. Her hypnotherapy helped me more than any other things I tried. She was able to bring me back to being a happy healthy person, able to finally sleep the night through. This woman has a special gift to help people heal themselves with her guidance.”  Bev P.

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