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Natural Smoke Center

100% All Natural Chemical Free Smokes and Quality Tobacco Selection with No Chemicals

Natural Smoke Center
1363 B Cypress Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32935
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About Us

Natural Smoke Center LLC is a family owned business born to satisfy the "healthy" smokers that don't like to smoke over 7000 chemicals. The shop is managed buy Antonio and Vittoria Merola a married couple directly from Italy. Antonio and Vittoria provide excellent customer service, they do so by learning your unique taste and preferences of tobacco through sampling and then recommend which smoke is best for you. They are very knowledgeable in Natural tobacco and smoker products and can inform you on the advantages of smoking all natural tobacco and how to make the switch.

In the shop you will find smoker products, but mostly the best natural and old style tobacco combined with the best brands of tubes. This quality tobacco it's grown in North Carolina without additives, preservatives, pesticides or chemicals. This process allows you to taste the rich tobacco without worrying about all the added chemicals.

The best part is pricing! Our Natural Tobacco smokes are only $25 for 200 smokes, this beats the over priced convenience store smokes sold for over $50 a carton. And what makes us even more unique and affordable is we have our very own RYO (Roll Your Own) Filling Station Machines. You can enjoy rolling your own smokes knowing everything going into them is all natural and less harmful. Roll 200 smokes for $25 or 20 smokes for only $3.25.

Come in and try your FREE Smoke today! Plus, we now offer The Florida Lottery!!


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