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Mimbs & Associates

Insurance coverage to protect what is most important to you; your family, health, home, auto and retirement.

Mimbs & Associates
3140 Suntree Blvd.
Suite 1
Viera, FL 32955
Fax: 321.254.0451
Today's Hours: 8:30AM - 5:00PM
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Business Solutions

You're In Good Hands

Mimbs & Associates can offer your business more than you might think. 

To make money, many companies simply focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.  But a business with long-term success in mind needs to consider the future.  This includes:

  • Planning for your own unique goals as a business owner
  • Strategic planning for the business itself
  • Developing a strategy to attract and keep top-rate employees

If you ignore these parts of your business, you may miss opportunities for future growth or, even worse, jeopardize the survival of your business.  Fortunately there are strategies that you, as a business owner, can consider to integrate today and tomorrow's business goals.  Below is a list of just some of the business solution products offered by Mimbs & Associates.

  • Qualified or Nonqualified Retirement Plans
  • Tax-advantaged Education Funding
  • Life Insurance
  • Extended Care
  • Banking
  • Personal Financial Reviews
  • Business Continuation Palnning and Funding
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Business Coverage

For more information on these types of products or to schedule a personal meeting click here.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Broken Leg - Supplemental Insurance Jill Mimbs

Health insurance doesn't pay the bills when you are sick and can't work. Help fill the gaps with Supplemental health insurance.  Types of Supplemental health insurance include: Accident, Cancer, Disability, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity & Heart/Stroke.  Contact Jill to discuss your Supplemental health insurance needs.


  1. Heard that Mimbs & Associates policies provide more benefits than all of our competitors.
  2. Heard that Mimbs & Associates has a lower overall premium thus bringing more value to your employees!
  3. Like the idea of being able to customize the voluntary benefits to match your health insurance copays/deductibles/out of pockets.
  4. Want to know that your agent is local, not going anywhere and will be available when you need them!
  5. Want your employees to be able to file a claim through the agent, on line, via fax or regular mail and not have to bother you.
  6. Would like to set up a Section 125 Plan (for free) which saves the business $$ by allowing you to use pre -tax dollars and payroll deduction to pay for the benefits.
  7. Like that our Accident Plan automatically includes Short Term Disability Income and can even cover lost wages while out on maternity leave or due to illnesses!
  8. Like that our Critical Illness Plan pays out lump sum amounts depending on diagnosis so employees can use for their immediate needs and be able to focus on getting better to return to work sooner.
  9. Also heard that our Accident Plan automatically includes Short Term Disability Income and can even cover lost wages while out on maternity leave or due to illnesses!