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Family First Life EAGLES

Real people. Real numbers. Real results. With the guidance you need to succeed.

Family First Life EAGLES
Titusville, FL
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Are you ready to succeed?

Can you earn multiple six-figures in your first year at Family First Life? Absolutely.

Will it be easy? No.

If you are willing to work hard, invest in yourself, and learn from those around you, this is something you can do! We will help you get your license and even pay for the $250 online course for you. You could be earning your first commissions 2-3 weeks from now!

An average policy pays $1000-$3000 commission and takes about 45-minutes with the client. $10,000 a week is achievable for someone who puts in the time.

Are you willing to sit and dial the phone for 8-10 hours twice a week? Drive to your appointments in your county 4 days a week? You can build your team and help others experience the same success and retire in 5-10 years.

Ready to work? Then, we are here to make sure you succeed!

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