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Jill Whittamore

Jill Whittamore - Medicare Made Easy

Specializing in Medicare Advantage Supplement & Prescription Plans - Ask Jill how to make Medicare easy!

Jill Whittamore - Medicare Made Easy
Brevard County
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Meet Jill

Jill Whittamore is a licensed health and life insurance professional who MAKES MEDICARE EASY! She specializes in Medicare products and life insurance. Jill will meet you in your home, over the telephone or on video conference online.

She will listen to your unique needs and find a plan that is best for you. Jill understands that everyone has a different situation, calling for a different insurances packages.

Whether you need a Medicare Advantage plan with no monthly premium or a dental plan with no waiting period, Jill can find what you need. She also understands your life insurance needs, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Call 321.458.3702 or email Jill to get a quote, today!

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