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Family Promise of Brevard

A Community Response of Help and Hope for the Homeless Families of Brevard

Family Promise of Brevard
P.O. Box 562666
Rockledge, FL 32956
Fax: 321.877.1599
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Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Become a Network Congregation or Volunteer: Family Promise needs congregations to open their doors to host families in transition, one week at a time, a total of four times a year. Volunteers can help at congregation sites, provide services or participate in special projects. By sharing the community response, we all become engaged and part of the solution.

Please contact Diane or John Baggett, our Congregational Growth Chairs, at or to schedule a tour or set up a presentation.

Houses For Change: 

Houses for Change is an award-winning educational crafts project to raise awareness of homelessness, while raising funds to combat homelessness. Created by long-time volunteer Mark Wasserman to engage youth in the issue of family homelessness and to teach kids the values of compassion, charity and saving-values that will last a life time.

Using art supplies, children decorate pre-ordered house-shaped cardboard boxes to look like a house. Participants take their boxes home and in the following weeks fill them with change.  The program emphasizes children with homes helping children without, and is easily adapted to any youth group, school group, congregation, or service-related project.

Click Here to learn how to organize your own Houses for Change collection box project

Please contact Tara Pagliarini 321-209-3391 or for more information.


Housewarming Baskets or Resources Wish List:

When families graduate into housing, they often need the very basic necessities to get started. Our hope is to send every family into their new home with a 'Welcome Home Basket'. Baskets can be assembled and brought to our Resource Center, or funds can be donated to create the basket. See a list of items needed here.

When our families enter our shelter, they often come with few personal belongings and need supplies to meet their basic needs. Items can be purchased off of This List, some items can be donated used and brought to our Resource Center.

Make A Donation

Without the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations who share our vision, many families will continue to be stuck in homelessness. Family Promise of Brevard is extremely cost-effective because we are highly leveraged by volunteer service and in-kind giving from our network congregations who provide shelter, meals, and staffing.

On average, 85% of the families we serve will gain long-term housing while in the program, in an average of 32 days. Not only does this high success rate mean many more families are stably housed, it is also a tremendous cost saving to the community as diversion from far more expensive interventions. Investing in our program is an investment in our community.

Donate Now via PayPal or

Send a personal check to: Family Promise of Brevard P.O. Box 562666 Rockledge, FL 32956-2666

Educate Others

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Tell your colleages and friends about the problem of homeless families in Brevard County.

There are many misperceptions and unhelpful stereotypes associated with homelessness. For instance, many people believe that people experiencing homelessness are mainly male with disabling conditions, substance abuse problems, and fundamentally are to blame for their homelessness. In reality, homelessness touches men, women, children, families, and youth in our communities. In fact, homelessness amongst families with children is the fastest growing homeless population. It is important to consider these numbers in understanding who is touched directly by homelessness in our community.

Educate Yourself