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Promise In Brevard

A place where young adults with special needs can live a life full of opportunities and freedom never thought possible

Promise in Brevard
3040 W. New Haven Ave.
West Melbourne, FL 32904
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Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises

In addition to providing a safe and affordable housing option for our young adults with special needs, we will also provide vocational training and employment opportunities for our residents. Our first Social Enterprise, Promise Treasures Thrift Shoppe, was established in October 2013 and currently employs 10 Promisers and provides vocational training for another 50-plus. Our Promise Cafe & Bakery, set to open its doors by early 2018, is our second social enterprise that will employ at least 10 more Promisers on opening day. We were recently awarded $100,000 from The Gannett Foundation, as part of the A Community Thrives video contest in order to complete the build-out and start-up costs for our third social enterprise, the Promise Creative Arts Center. Plans to create seven additional social enterprises are in the works, and we are still looking for community sponsors to help us bring them to fruition. They include:

- The Promise Hydroponic Garden

- Therapeutic Riding Arena and Horse Barn

- Disability Friendly Bed & Breakfast

- Disability Friendly Hair & Nail Salon

- Farmers Market

- Lawn Maintenance Company

- Full-sized Gym to host Special Olympics & Paralympics events


Promise Cafe & Bakery

Promise broke ground on its second Social Enterprise, the Promise Café and Bakery, on Sept., 2016! The Café & Bakery, located in the West Melbourne Community Park next to the Space Coast Field of Dreams, is nearing completion and we hope to open its doors by early 2018. The Café and Bakery will provide employment, vocational and culinary arts training to approximately 40 of our future Promise residents. Plans include indoor and outdoor dining, overlooking the city's future splash pad, a walk-up, to-go window and ice-cream corner, a country store, private dining area and more. We will offer seasonal, fresh, homemade menu items, organic soda and more, keeping with our tagline of - simply great. 

The Promise Cafe & Bakery will feature a legacy wall which will be lined with one-of-a-kind blocks made from excess wood from the Promise Construction sites and other donated wood. Each block will be laser engraved with your personalized inscription and then off for custom finishes and staining by our Promisers and their families. Leaving a legacy for you or your loved one is a wonderful way to show your support for Promise and the hope of an amazing future for our residents. The walls of the Cafe will be an ever-present reminder of your support and dedication in making our dreams a reality. Each guest of our Cafe will feel the Promise love and hope for the future. For more information and to purchase a block, please click here.

We have been blessed with a matching gift opportunity to continue to raise funds for this enterprise. A generous donor has offered to match each donation toward the Promise Café & Bakery on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $500,000! Any amount you donate to the Café & Bakery will go directly toward this project. Via our Promise Cafe & Bakery Crowdrise page, you also have the opportunity to donate a piece of outdoor furniture for the Cafe and have it engraved with the name or logo of your choosing. Check it out here.


Promise Creative Arts Center

The Promise Creative Arts Center will be located on the Promise Campus and will provide employment and vocational training for those living at Promise. The center will bring together residents and the public at large by providing an outlet for artistic expression with ceramic and art classes. We were recently awarded $100,000 from the Gannett Foundation to complete the build-out for this project, as the first-place winner of the "A Community Thrives" video contest. Generous community sponsors have also helped to make this project a reality.

Please click here to donate to the Promise Art Center.

Promise Doggie Daycare and Dog Park

The Promise Doggie Day Care and Dog Park will be located on the Promise Campus and open to the general public. At the Promise Doggie Day Care, your furry friend will be taken care of by our professional staff and played with by our Promisers, who love animals. Our off-leash dog park will offer two separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs and a dog-bone-shaped doggie pool. Each play area will include agility equipment and all the room your dog needs to run and play!

Please click here to donate to the Promise Doggie Daycare and Dog Park or sponsor this project, please call Betsy Farmer at (321) 536-7062.

Additional Social Enterprises

Promise Hydroponic Garden, Plant Nursery and Farmer's Market

Promise Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

Promise Disability-Friendly Bed & Breakfast

Promise Disability-Friendly Hair & Nail Salon 

Please click here if you are interested in donating to any of our social enterprises. If you would like to be a part of sponsoring any Social Enterprise, please call Betsy Farmer at (321) 536-7062.

Thank you in advance - we greatly appreciate your support, as do our Promisers!