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Should You Hire a Caterer?

Catering can be tricky, especially if you have never done it before.  Many people try to cut the cost of throwing a big event by catering it themselves.  This can be stressful, especially when the event is important such as a corporate event or wedding. To help guide you to a successful event catering, here are some basic do's and don'ts for catering a big event.


  • Get your numbers right.  Knowing how many people are going to attend your event will prevent you from running out of food and having guests go hungry or having too much food and wasting money.
  • Consider a menu that would please everyone. Try to have a menu containing dishes that would appeal to meat eaters, gluten free diets and vegetarians.
  • Make sure you have enough help. It wouldn't look good if you were the only one running around cleaning up trash, serving food and entertaining your guests. Having enough staff makes the event run smooth and stress free.


  • Don't change major aspects of your event last minute. Major menu changes can be a disaster at the last minute.  All of your planning will need to be redone and wouldn't get it completed in time for your event.
  • Don't get the wrong people to help. If your staff acts inappropriately with your guests, it can be a huge turn off for them. Your helpers are there to serve food and be courteous.
  • Don't leave food out to become dried out, cold or unpalatable. Nothing causes a negative opinion more than bad food and word spreads like wildfire.


Sometimes it is a better idea to leave it to the pros.  Hire one of our talented catering companies!

  • Looking for a southern themed event?  Slow and Low Bar-b-que will cater your event with an award winning southern style feast.
  • Custom Catering is available from Palm Shores Bistro, one of our favorites! Give them your vision for the food portion of your event and they will make it a reality.
  • Taste of India will not disappoint, if you hire them to cater your party.  Authentic Indian cuisine will impress your guests and have them coming back for seconds!
  • Don't forget the dessert!  Guilty Pleasure Baking Company has your sweet tooth covered with their gourmet baked goods made with natural ingredients.