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K & H In-Home Care and Assistance

Offering trusted, professional in-home care to adults of all age and ability levels, including personal hygiene, check in services and light housekeeping.

K & H In-Home Care and Assistance
1600 Sarno Rd
Suite 15
Melbourne, FL 32935
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Personal Care: also known as hands-on care because caregivers physically touch the client/patient. These caregivers (CNA Certified Nursing Assistant or an HHA Home Health Aide) help clients get in and out of bed, bathe, dress, groom, and eat. They also check vital signs, help with simple prescribed exercises, and assist with medication routines. Occasionally they change non-sterile dressings, use special equipment such as hydraulic lifts, give massages and alcohol rubs, or assist with braces and artificial limbs. Some accompany clients outside the home. They keep records of services performed and of each clients condition and progress. They report changes in the clients condition to the registered nurse supervisor. A CNA/HHA may also perform any of the homemaker/companion services. 

Homemaker: A homemaker is a person who performs household chores that include housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, shopping assistance, and routine household activities for the elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individual or couple as well as the services performed by a companion. Homemakers are available for hourly, shift-work, or live-in care. 

Companion: A companion is a person who cares for an elderly, handicapped, convalescent individual or couple and can accompany them on trips, outings, and appointments, as well as prepare and serve meals. Companions are available for hourly, shift, or live-in care.