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Destination Weddings

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

1. Location, location, location: Pick the perfect spot for your wedding. It will not only determine the mood (rustic, beachy, sophisticated), but it will determine the time, budget, and amount of travel needed to pull it off. Think about the guests you will be inviting and the message you want to send. You want your guests to leave saying, "That was so them!"

2. Timing is everything: Remember that the best weather at your destination will probably also be tourist season. There may be fewer hotel rooms available, higher travel rates, and possibly crowds. Off season may not be the best solution, however, as some destinations close up shop during the bad-weather seasons.

3. Take some trips: You take a huge risk if you plan your destination wedding without taking at least one trip to see the venue, taste the catering, and secure your local vendors. You may want to plan two or three trips to organize the activities and have the entire wedding planned out perfectly.

4. Get Help: There are many factors to consider while planning a destination wedding. Trips to the destination, extra costs, local wedding requirements, and time differences can throw things off a little. A wedding planner can help take some of the burden off of your shoulders and make the event go without a hitch. Your best bet is to find a wedding planner who is a local at your destination.

5. Consider everyone: Warn your bridesmaids of the destination, so if they cannot afford to travel there is time for them to gracefully decline. Arrange group rates for air travel and rooms, provide information for arriving at the wedding location, offer a welcome dinner when they arrive, and deliver welcome bags to their rooms with essentials (sun screen, bug spray, water). Let them know what the backup plan is if mother nature does not go along with your wedding plan.

6. Start planning early: Destination weddings are tricky to plan. Try and be as organized as possible, plan at least 12 months in advance, and make sure you visit the destination before giving anyone a deposit. Give yourself deadline for accomplishing tasks and really make decisions. You can have the destination wedding of your dreams if you plan ahead.

Beach Wedding Shoes

If you are planning your destination wedding on the Space Coast or you live here and just love the beach, you will probably be saying "I do." in the sand. To many brides, it doesn't feel right to get married with bare naked feet. No need to worry, there are some very elegant options for sand-friendly shoes.

Sandals are the best choice shoes for a sandy wedding. Open toes allow the sand to escape and flat soles keep you walking with grace. Shimmery metallic and beads turn sandals into a stylish accessory to any wedding outfit. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or guest, you will look stunning in your sandals on the beach.

A sexy, elegant choice for beach wedding footwear is the "barefoot" sandal. Made up of an ankle bracelet attached to a toe ring, there are many styles of the barefoot sandal. Made from pearls, chains, beads, or cloth, it is the most comfortable non-shoe footwear made specifically for use in beach weddings. Some jewelry makers will create a customized piece for your special day.

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