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How to afford the honeymoon of your dreams

Your dream honeymoon can become a reality with some early planning and some creative requests.

Honeymoons can be a costly affair. If it has been your dream to travel with your new spouse to a foreign country the costs can easily reach $10,000. Even trips within the U.S. can become quite expensive when all of the costs are added up. This doesn't mean that you can't go on your dream honeymoon; it just means you need to plan ahead and be a little creative.

Honeymoon Budgeting
It is always a good idea to plan ahead and begin to stash away honeymoon money as early as possible, but before you know how much you need to save, you will have to figure out your honeymoon budget. Don't forget to include plenty of "fun" money so you don't feel broke when you reach your destination! Here is a link to a website that will let you download a functional spreadsheet for free.

Click Here for a honeymoon budget spreadsheet.

Honeymoon Registry
The idea of asking wedding guests to "crowd fund" your honeymoon is gaining in popularity. There are several websites where you can create a registry and anyone can gift you some money toward your dream honeymoon. Friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else purchasing a wedding gift can feel confident knowing their money is going toward something the couple really wants.

Click Here for an example of a honeymoon registry.

Seven Secrets to Planning the Best Honeymoon

1. Plan and book early - The "early bird" gets the worm, or in this case, the best destinations, dates, and accommodations.  If you put off the planning of your honeymoon, your choices may be limited and your budget may be affected.

2. Use a professional - You can save time and aggravatioin and sometimes costly mistakes by going to a professional travel agent as opposed to going it alone.  Travel professionals know their product and can steer you away from a "good picture" that turns out to be a travel horror.  They can also put you into a better situation because of their contacts.  Travel agents will meet with you and guide you towards the right destiation for your lifestyle, prefreernces, and budget.  Best of all, their services come at no additional charge.

3. Get a passport - NOW.  To fly in and out of the U.S., you need a passport.  Not a state-issued birth certificate with a raised seal.  Not a cute little certificate with little feet on it from the hospital. A passport.

4. Know your seasons - Match your honeymoon destination with the appropriate season. You can't go on a cruise around Greece, for example, in March or early April.

5. Consider a destination wedding - Spending a fortune on the ceremony and nothing on the honeymoon? Get your priorities right! Combine the wedding and the honeymoon and you will have the time of your life!

6. Plan less, relax more - The purpose of your honeymoon is to relax and spend some quality time together.  Relax! Kick back! Enjoy your honeymoon! Don't micro-manage it. Tight schedules are for your work, not for your honeymoon.

7. Ladies-Keep that maiden name - If your passport shows your maiden name, then you must book your travel in that name. You can change everything after your honeymoon.

Written by Mary Delello, All About Travel

Mary Delello has been planning honeymoons for couples in love for over 23 years.  To learn more about Mary, see her agencies website: www.allaboutvacations.net or call 407.677.5500