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Wedding Beauty Prep

Wedding Day Skin

From the brides maid dresses to table centerpieces, you have spent hours preparing for your wedding. Why not be sure to have beautiful radiant skin on your special day? You will look great, feel wonderful, and you get to take your beautiful, healthy, radiant skin beyond your wedding day into your new life.

It is recommended that your skin treatments begin 3 months before your wedding. That way, any trouble areas will have been addressed and corrected before you put on your gown and pose for hundreds of photos. If your wedding is less than 3 months away, there is still time to begin a regimen that will have you looking beautiful and refreshed in time for the big day.

Looking for results, but only have a short time before your wedding? You can try a Beverly Hills Peel and get the most dramatic results ever achieved with one treatment. If you have a little more time before the big day, you can even out pigmentation issues or smooth rough skin with only a few IPL treatments.

Perhaps you have wanted to treat yourself to E-Light Skin Tightening. Now is the best time to begin treatments. Having 8 to 10 treatments before your wedding day will ensure noticeable results. You will look younger and feel as beautiful as you look. Your guests will be amazed at your radiant beauty and your photos will come out great!

Having a bachelorette party? Treat yourself and all of your guests to an "On-Location Bridal Spa Retreat". Everyone will enjoy luxurious hand and foot treatments, revitalizing facials, massages, and more! Don't forget to book your brides/bridesmaid make-up for your wedding day!

Remember, drinking alcohol can turn your cheeks red or leave you looking splotchy.  Leave the drinking for after the photographs are taken.

Bridesmaid Spa Parties

Inviting your bridesmaids to a spa party is the perfect way to share this special time with the women in your life who mean the most. Treat them, and yourself, to luxury spa services with a party atmosphere in the location of your choice. This is your special occasion, so celebrate with customized arrangements and personal spa therapies of your choice.

Here are some tips for a successful spa party:

Plan it out carefully - There are many ways to customize your spa party to fit your needs and desires. Decide if you want the spa party to be at the Spa or another location. There are pros and cons to each. It mostly depends on the accommodations available and the number of people to attend. Will there be refreshments, alcohol, or goodie bags for the guests? Think it all through and you will have a great spa party!

Good communication - Be very clear on the invitation if the guests should bring money and how much. Try to imagine every detail of your dream spa party and communicate that vision with the spa party organizer. The better you communicate your ideas, the closer the final result will be to what you imagined.

Relax and enjoy - The spa party is meant to be rejuvenating and fun. Decompress and let the spa treatments do their job. Bridesmaid spa parties are about friendships and togetherness. Remember to appreciate the friendships you share and the salute the bride on her final days as a single woman, because that is what its all about.

Here are some other occasions for having a spa party:

  • Engagement
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Baby Shower
  • Mom's Night Out Party
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Any Occasion!