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Wedding Planning

Budgeting your wedding

After the engagement, most couples begin to plan their wedding day right away. Dreaming up how to get married is fun and enlightening.   There are so many ideas for traditional or creative ceremonies. Planning the honeymoon can be just as fun. Each wedding and honeymoon is as unique as the couple joining in matrimony.

Once all of the ideas are laid out, you will need to consider a budget. This is not as much fun, but very necessary. Who will pay for your wedding? Has there been a discussion with other family members? Is there a wedding fund already in place? These are all important questions that will need to be answered in the very first stages of planning your wedding.

There are many aspects of your wedding that need to considered while figuring out what it will cost. A great way to make sure you don't leave anything out and budget everything is to hire a wedding planner to help.  You wedding planner will help you set up a realistic budget and help you to stick to it.

Some things wedding planners help with include:

  1. Creating a master plan that lays out all of the little details that will make this your dream wedding.
  2. Show you the best options for venues, based on your budget and vision.
  3. Find you the best vendors (florist, photographer, caterer, band, etc.) for your budget.
  4. Get you great deals with vendors who may have a "deal" with your wedding planner.
  5. Help you create a timeline to share with your wedding party, vendors, and family to make sure everyone knows when to do what.
  6. Handle the invitations and tracking RSVPs.
  7. Council you on proper wedding etiquette and traditions.
  8. Manage your wedding day set up, vendors, deliveries, emergencies, and nerve calming.
  9. Be your advocate and spokes person to make sure your vendors carry out your wishes.
  10. Help plan and book your honeymoon.