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Art Beats the Winter Blues

Art Beats the Winter Blues

Winter is upon us and while we are in sunny Florida, some still get the winter blues. Blame it on a reduction in vitamin D or the sadness and depression that comes from hibernating in our cooler winter environment and reduced sunlight during Daylight Savings Time. 

Thankfully, art provides some creatively fun and easy things to help overcome the blues. Whether drawing and painting, singing or even writing, the benefits have been studied and confirmed by health organizations around the world. 

Stress Relief

Can’t draw? No problem. Grab an adult coloring book, pick the medium of your choice (pencils, paints, watercolors, markers), a comfy chair and start coloring. You will forget about the pile of laundry, sick relative or bad relationship. You’re focused on what color to use next on that tiny flower or border edge. 

Creative Thinking

Sometimes I wonder: now that schools are cutting art and music classes, where will we get our next creative minds?  Sciences and arts go hand in hand. Just google Leonardo da Vinci, Samuel Morse or Nikola Tesla. 

Art has no rules. Even without any type of formal creative education, you can still push the bounds, go outside of the box and discover a shape or time or a melody that didn’t exist before you created it. But exposure to art instruction surely helps develop creative minds.


When you create, you feel better about yourself. Merging ideas and materials into something that didn’t exist before makes you feel good. It radiates around us and gives us a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be complicated either — do a paint-by-number, complete an adult coloring page, write a poem, dance across your kitchen floor, I dare you!

Brain Activity

Scientific studies by world-renowned researchers show that the arts stimulate connections in the brain. Art actually impacts cells within both the brain and the body to improve your immune system. Art uses both sides of the brain, so the scientific-number-crunching-left-siders will benefit as much as the emotion-loving-creative-right-siders.

Quality of Life

When drugs don’t work on dementia patients, sometimes art does. Art has been found to help those with dementia experience a better night’s sleep, reduce stress and alleviate depression. Something as simple as painting a canvas or singing to a favorite song are wonderful remedies. 

So, I leave you with this — paint something, write something, sing something or dance to something. Get out with family and friends and visit a local DIY-style art studio. Leave those blues behind and let art keep you healthy and happy.


Laurie Knisley, known as the ClayZ Lady, encourages young and old alike to get their art on. Whether it's pottery, painting, crafts, mixed media, journaling or needlework, she believes that art is the cheapest therapy available and the most fun. Laurie owns ClayZ Arts in Rockledge. She can be reached at 321-453-4848, and


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