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Diane Nozik share 5 holiday wine tips

Diane Nozik share 5 holiday wine tips

Diane Nozik

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the festivities with everyone’s favorite beverage: wine, of course!

I’ve built my business for the past 12 years, and as a senior executive director with WineShop at Home, I lead a team of consultants across the country. It’s a company that hosts Napa Valley-style wine tastings right in your living room and curates some of the highest-quality wine that comes out of the United States.

 Here are my top tips for holiday prepping so you’re always ready for a celebration!


  1. Order your bubbly early

Keeping a half or whole case of sparkling wine on hand during the holiday season is always a good idea. Not only is it an extremely popular tradition to drink sparkling wine on Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve — people tend to drink lighter and sweeter wines at parties — but during the holidays, you never really know what or who you’ll be celebrating next.

I personally think that everything is better with bubbly — it’s like the little black dress of wine gifts. Make sure to order your sparkling wine early so it doesn’t become a last-minute source of stress. I recommend October.

The best way to chill your bubbly and keep it cold? An ice bucket that has 2/3 ice, 1/3 water and a heaping tablespoon of salt. It will chill the wine fast and keep it cold all night.

    2. Make holiday gifting a cinch

Wine is the easiest gift to give, and people love to receive it. Have extra bottles on hand to give your service providers at the end of the year as a thank you for their hard work. I’m talking about your hair stylist, your FedEx person, your nail professional, your housecleaner... all the people who make your life better throughout the year. Trust me, they will appreciate the wine during what is probably THEIR busy season.

    3. Stock up on your least favorite color

If you love white wine, keep a few bottles of red on hand for last-minute gifts. When you’re headed out to a party after a busy day, you can easily grab one of the bottles of red without feeling sad about giving away your favorite wine.

Having extra wine on hand for those hurried rushes out the door makes you seem prepared and attentive to your hosts’ needs. And what a gift that is! Plus, then YOU have a few extra bottles for those late-night wrapping sessions.

    4. Consider a custom logo

Did you know that you can personalize WineShop at Home’s wine with a custom label? You can have a personalized wine label made with your family photo or simply a monogram. I love these because I can easily write, “Love the Nozik family!” on a bottle of our customized wine and it makes a beautiful and personalized gift for someone special.

    5. Keep wine goodies on hand

Throughout the year, but especially around the holidays, I keep wine glass writers in my kitchen drawer. These are similar to Sharpies, but they’re much prettier and you can write with them on glass and they won’t smear. I use them to mark bottles given to me (so I remember to send a thank-you note) and to write a personalized note on a bottle when I give it as a gift.

Bonus tip: Stay safe and drink lots of water

As important as enjoying good wine is knowing how important it is to drink responsibly. So, indulge in your favorite wine this holiday season but don’t forget to drink a glass of water with each glass of wine you have, and of course, find a designated driver whenever you know you’re going to be drinking.

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