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5 Vital Tips to Revitalize Your Small Business

5 Vital Tips to Revitalize Your Small Business

Revitalization. Just reading the word makes you feel rejuvenated, doesn’t it? It’s easy to associate the word with your mind or body, but what about your business? If you don’t own a business, you’re still an integral part of how the organization you work for operates. You as an individual employee should have goals in mind that you are constantly revitalizing, at least on a yearly basis, to engage with your company and assure its success. Every position matters!

While revitalization is important in businesses of all sizes, being the lead of a Chamber comprised of 80% “small” business (one to five employees), I am going to focus on revitalization of these sized businesses for the purpose of this article.

I remember the following five tips I first discovered in a now dated article I love from, and I keep these top of mind when I run into Chamber partners who need a leg up.

5 Vital Tips to Revitalize Your Small Business and Revamp Weak Sales

  1. Be an opportunist: Use this time to re-evaluate and take stock of your operations.
  2. Focus on the quality of your product or service.
  3. Cultivate customer relationships.
  4. Re-evaluate your marketing campaign.
  5. Create partnerships with other businesses.

In Chamber land, tip No. 5 is our bread and butter. People do business with business owners they know, like and trust. How do you get to know someone? You show up and network! How do you get to liking and trusting someone? You take a genuine interest in what they do for a living and who they are as a person and then reciprocate.

The more often you see the same people and the more you learn, the better you know, like and trust them. Adding and growing your network weekly should be a top priority, and an organization like a Chamber is a great one-stop-shop where you can accomplish this mission.

I will be the first to admit it’s a challenge to find the time to get to all the events we want to attend in Brevard County. With so many different business organizations in our community (which is a wonderful asset) picking and choosing, or should I say, revitalizing, your time commitments is a must. Start small. Select one event offered by your preferred business organization a month and commit to attending regularly. Even one firm commitment a month could lead to a connection you would not otherwise have made and it could change the face of your business as you know it.

2019 is going to be a banner year for doing business in Brevard, and one of the best parts of my job is getting to be even a small part of it.


Jennifer Sugarman, President and CEO of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, is a busy working Millennial mom to son, Emmett. She formed the Cocoa Beach Chamber’s Young Professionals Group in 2016, currently serves on the board for United Way of Brevard and is an active member in Brevard County’s business community.


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