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Business Showcase: Star Body Espresso Yourself

Business Showcase: Star Body Espresso Yourself

Celebrities at the 2019 MTV Music Awards in August will smell something especially uplifting in their swag bags this year. And it’s coming to them from right here in Brevard County. Founder of Star Body Espresso Yourself, Barbara Marich, could not be more pleased that her groundbreaking Star Body Espresso Body Bronzing Oil will be included in the coveted giveaway. 

Marich, who has been in the professional beauty industry as a salon owner and cosmetologist for 40 years, said she was inspired 10 years ago to create a unique, all-natural, coffee-based beauty product. She awoke in the middle of the night with the idea for coffee-based products and a vision for a logo. Since then, her product line has expanded to include soaps, scrubs and lotions with ant-aging and anti-cellulite properties, and a men’s line.

“I love coffee, specifically espresso,” Marich said. 

And it’s specifically espresso grounds — finer than coffee grounds — that are used in Star Body formulations. Many of the products also are made with coffee seed oil and/or caffeine extract.

“Caffeine is an antioxidant, it helps with circulation and photo-aging,” Marich said. “It will firm and tighten the skin.” 

Star Body’s Espresso Man grooming and shaving products incorporate scents of mocha and frankincense. Men also can enjoy the Man Tan skin oil and Beard, Hair and Scalp Oil. Anyone with tattoos may want to check out the increasingly popular Tattoo Renewal Oil. 

Not only do Star Body products smell of natural ingredients such as cocoa, coffee and honey, but according to Marich, these natural products will fight inflammation, temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and give skin a healthy glow. 

The star product at Star Body is the Espresso Body Bronzing Oil, which uses coconut and coffee oils infused with gold mica, to give skin a glow.

 “This is our unicorn product,” Marich said. “It is so unique. There is nothing else like it.”

All products are handmade, hand-packaged and hand-labeled by Marich and her team in Suntree. 

Behind the beauty (and caffeine) buzz is a bigger purpose, though. Marich’s vision for launching her own product line always contained a companion nonprofit. She recently obtained her 501c3 for Evan’s Gate, an organization named for her grandson. The plan is to create an outdoor space where children can get close to nature.

“There will be a community garden and animals. It’s a retreat, a place to connect to God and a place for healing,” March said. 

Each bottle and bar of soap gets her one step closer to that garden.

Currently, Star Body products are available at:

  • Brazilian Beauty Blowout Studio
    5675 N Atlantic Ave., #106, Cocoa Beach
  • Sunseed Food Co-Op
    6615 N. Atlantic Avenue B, Cape Canaveral
  • House of Tan
    297 W. Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach
  • Online at

Interested entrepreneurs can also become Star Body brand ambassadors. 

Contact Marich for more information about Star Body products and Evan’s Gate at or 321-800-5570.

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