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Business Spotlight: Go To Market Solutions

Business Spotlight: Go To Market Solutions

Imagine meeting someone who could take your business to the next level. Someone who could help you expand your brand, implement an amazing marketing plan, increase sales and provide the training you and your staff need to keep a high level of success going on your own. Meet Adam Martingano, owner and chief strategist of Go To Market Solutions, based in Melbourne.

After 15 years as a sales and marketing professional, Adam returned to the Space Coast to raise his family and opened the Go To Market Solutions downtown Melbourne office in January 2018. In addition to his wealth of industry experience, Adam holds multiple degrees in economics, marketing and technology.

“I have worked for and alongside some of the most influential corporations and celebrities of our generation. From corporate America to Hollywood and everything in between, I help bring ideas to life and I want to help your business be as successful as possible,” Adam said.

Adam is passionate about providing marketing services to small- to medium-sized business owners that empower them to be successful. He recognized that as marketing becomes more complex, it is increasingly difficult for small- to medium-sized businesses to access quality marketing services that allow them to compete with larger businesses at an affordable price.

Go To Market Solutions’ strategy is to simplify the complex. Adam’s approach with his clients is to analyze the customer journey. This includes evaluating customer touch points and the messaging strategy currently being used to communicate with customers. Based on this analysis, Adam identifies specific areas of opportunity to create a marketing strategy for the client that is reproducible.

Clients are provided the necessary training, tools and ongoing support to execute a new and improved marketing strategy — one they can maintain on their own in the future. Adam then offers his services as a client advocate to provide support for continued business growth.

“Adam is well prepared, professional and focused,” said Dewayne Carpenter, from the Carpenter Kessel Home Selling Team. “While many firms in this space may have great ‘ideas’…Adam actually executes and brings these ideas and strategy to life.”

For November and December, Adam is offering local businesses a free two-hour strategy session where he will audit your current brand identity, messaging, marketing, and business development processes; and provide you with a report of findings scorecard and recommendations so you can kickstart 2019 and crush your goals.

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