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Commissioning New Ideas

Commissioning New Ideas: Robyn Hattway practices law, sits on Port Authority board

Robyn Hattway practices law, sits on Port Authority board


Robyn Hattaway has practiced civil litigation law since 2001. She works at Cantwell & Goldman in Cocoa Village.

In March of 2018, she decided to enter the race to become a commissioner with the Canaveral Port Authority. 

“I was drawn by the opportunity to improve accountability, a desire for better infrastructure and a love for civics,” Hattaway said.

Trying new things is familiar to Hattaway. Raised as the daughter of a Presbyterian pastor, she moved every five years while growing up. After meeting and marrying her husband Aaron Hattaway, she practiced law in several places while he completed his training as a physician.

“I’ve taken three bar exams in different states,” Robyn Hattaway said.

Careers brought the Hattaway family to Brevard County, where they also had family living.

A mom of two, Hattaway said the early years of being a lawyer and a parent were sometimes difficult to navigate and balance.

“One of my greatest joys in moving to Brevard 10 years ago was for the first time having a family member to put on the school emergency contact form. I actually cried tears of relief,” Hattaway said.

As commissioner, Hattaway has the desire to improve the greater community. Already she has developed a Junior Port Ambassador Program serving area high school students with workforce development at the port. Ten students are currently participating in the program, representing seven local schools.

“I hope to double that next year,” Hattaway said.

She’s also working on a small business education program with local chambers of commerce to educate local businesses on how to pitch and sell cruise excursions. 

“There is a popular misconception that Port Canaveral is part of that process. Businesses have to pitch directly to the cruise lines, and I want to educate them so they can get more business and we can welcome more cruise passengers into all the great parts of our county,” Hattaway said.

Long term, Hattaway would love to see the port incorporate multi-level mixed use facilities to add to leasing revenue.

Welcoming other ideas from the greater community is a big part of what Hattaway believes is her role as a commissioner.

 “Our board meets monthly and the public is always welcome. Additionally, I’m always happy to speak to community groups upon request,” Hattaway said. 


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