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It’s True: Window Coverings Can Make Your Home Healthier

It’s True: Window Coverings Can Make Your Home Healthier

As a fashion design graduate with roots in Italy, Marcella Pagliaro knows a thing or two about in-home design trends. Pair that with her husband, Andre Vasconcellos,’ background in engineering and construction and you have the owners of Gotcha Covered of South Orlando and Space Coast, which offers custom window treatments to Brevard and Orlando area residents.

With everyone spending so much time at home, the health and safety in that most precious environment is paramount. Gotcha Covered understands that, as they are a Central Florida family going through the same challenges all of us are facing. And this industrious couple has developed a business model designed to create a beautiful, safe home during these challenging times. 

While Gotcha Covered boasts over 35,000 different kinds of fabrics in their design portfolio, there are a few that are especially suited to keeping bacteria, microorganisms and UV rays at bay.

“Some of our window treatments feature a special antimicrobial fabric capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, especially pathogenic microorganisms,” Pagliaro noted. “This fabric technology includes such unique elements as silver, zinc and copper for our protection.” 

Additionally, most window treatments offered by Gotcha Covered offer some level of UV protection. Some can block up to 99% of all the harmful UV rays. 

“It’s important to note, UV rays are one of the main sources of skin cancer, cataracts and premature aging of the skin,” Pagliaro added.

Pagliaro and Vasconcellos work with both local families and industry professionals like Realtors, interior designers and builders. They do design consultations in your home or virtually, at no cost. And all products have a lifetime warranty.

“We talk to our customers first, to find out what are the priorities — is it health and safety? UV protection? Or hands-free, voice-control operation that are most important to them,” Vasconcellos said. “Then we customize a plan that meets those specific needs. We don’t provide ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.”

When asked about current hot trends in window treatment design, Pagliaro said smart home integration products: “Motorized products are definitely popular right now, especially when integrated with voice control systems like Alexa. And with today’s technology, you can even operate your shades from another country!” 


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