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Lemonade Stand - Ishaan Jathal

Lemonade Stand - Ishaan Jathal

Name: Ishaan Jathal

Business name: Habitat for Humanity Brevard County/West Shore Jr./Sr. High School Campus Chapter

Age: 17

Business origin:

Ishaan Jathal said frequent trips to India when he was younger left an impression and motivated him to establish a chapter for Habitat for Humanity at his school, West Shore Jr./Sr. High School.   

“Seeing the poor living conditions and inequalities in wealth within India opened my eyes to the harsh realities of the world. I realized how privileged I am to have food on my table, air conditioning, and most importantly, a roof over my head,” said the Melbourne teen.

He wanted to help the homeless families who were shunned by society in India and truly make an impact locally. He then began to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity.

“After seeing kids my age volunteering in order to fulfill 300 volunteer hours necessary for each adult family member to qualify for a house from Habitat, I wanted to go further with my involvement with Habitat, and I began my chapter at West Shore.”

How it works:

For the past two years, Ishaan and his friends have been approaching small and large businesses for donations.

“I have created an entire corporate sponsorship package and have face-to-face meetings with all the businesses we approach,” he said. “Our goal is to raise $60,000 for a Habitat for Humanity house in Brevard County. Thus far, we have raised a little over $35,000 and have received a matching grant from State Farm for $20,000.”

The chapter also hosted its Second Annual West Shore High School Habitat for Humanity Walk fundraiser on April 13. The event is sponsored by Habitat for Humanity of Brevard County.

More about Ishaan:

Ishaan is a varsity basketball player, a class government officer, and a youth leader for India Fest of Brevard. He enjoys playing the piano and wants to pursue a major that will help him expand his non-profit business ideas.

“I hope to grow my local organization to a larger scale in college. This cause is something I hope to pursue for the rest of my life and I want to expand it to a global level,” he said.



Facebook: West Shore Habitat for Humanity

Link to Donate:


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