MEET Rocket Healthcare: New Medical Office Offers Membership Model
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MEET Rocket Healthcare: New Medical Office Offers Membership Model

MEET Rocket Healthcare: New Medical Office Offers Membership Model

This past winter, a unique type of medical office opened in Cocoa Beach with a model that helps provide increased access to healthcare for those without insurance. Rocket Healthcare is a direct primary care provider, meaning patients pay a monthly membership fee that gives them access to affordable, quality care. 

For patients, the commitment is similar to joining a gym. Members pay $75 a month for unlimited visits to the clinic. But the differences between Rocket and a traditional doctor’s office go far beyond how patients pay for visits. 

Nurse practitioner Ashley Seguna and health and wellness coach Joanna Auter see patients who seek a healthy lifestyle, as well as those with pressing concerns who are looking for a more personal touch. The clinic practices integrative healthcare. Seguna and Auter work together, along with collaborating physician Dr. Summer Kahlon, to provide each patient with a comprehensive health plan. Their years of experience on both the medical and wellness side help patients achieve their health goals. 

“We are a physicians’ office, just like your primary care provider, but we offer so much more,” Auter said. “If you are a doctor at a regular office and you are working with insurance companies, that is dictating how many patients you have to see each day. We don’t operate that way. So instead of having to squeeze in 100 patients a day, we can see five. And we can give those patients face time and establish deep relationships.”

Upon becoming a member, each patient will schedule an establishment visit, where he or she will spend between 45 and 90 minutes with Seguna. Then they will see Auter and set personalized health goals.

“With that time, we are able to get to know our patient on a personal level, beyond  their past medical history, and establish rapport and a line of open collaborative communication, which  is essential when working as their trusted health advisor,” Seguna said. “We continue to reach out to our patients on a monthly basis to check in on their health and wellbeing and adjust health goals as needed because we know that life is dynamic, and so too should be their healthcare provider.”

Auter is a certified health coach, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She holds a degree in healthcare navigation from Eastern Florida State College. 

Seguna graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. As a former intensive care unit nurse, Seguna saw patients at their lowest point. She decided early on that she wanted to work on the proactive side of healthcare to prevent chronic disease progression and promote health.

Together, Seguna and Auter focus on preventative holistic healthcare and encouraging positive lifestyle changes through diet, exercise, and focusing on the mind, body, and spirit. 

“At Rocket, we are more interested in teaching skills before pills,” Auter said. “We want you to be our partner in wellness.” 



30A Woodland Ave.

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931


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