MEET Stumpy’s Hatchet House
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MEET Stumpy’s Hatchet House

MEET Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Have you ever wanted to just throw an ax? Did you even know that’s a thing?

New on the scene in Cocoa is Stumpy’s Hachet House, the third franchise in Florida, offering 5,300 square feet of space to throw those axes.

Angie Sullivan and Mike Ewals were introduced to axe throwing when Mike’s daughter took them to a location in Louisville, Kentucky, for Father’s Day. 

“We were hooked,” Sullivan said. “We had so much fun that we knew we wanted to bring this concept down to Florida.”

The couple said it was a labor of love spending six months renovating a building in Cocoa Village that had been vacant for 18 years. They opened on March 4, but had to close two and a half weeks later due to COVID-19.

“Those first couple weeks were awesome, we had such a great response from the community,” Sullivan said. “We always thought this area has a lot of restaurants and bars — and we love them all — but people need more to do.”  

Talk about a unique place for date nights, birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties, girls night out, team building and corporate events.

Stumpy’s has eight throwing pits, 16 targets, and a beer and wine bar with Giant Jenga. So far, customers have ranged in age from 18 to 84.

Sullivan stresses that safety is the highest priority. Throwing coaches review safety rules with each customer and demonstrate proper techniques of throwing an axe. Then, once the customer has thrown on their own, coaches offer tips and suggestions to help everyone become a successful axe thrower. 

“Usually, it’s just little tweaks like take a step forward or backward that make all the difference,” Ewals said. “It’s so much fun when someone comes in for the first time and hits a bullseye…they run over to ring the bullseye bell and everyone cheers for them.”

Ewals said the #socialthrowdown of throwing an axe is a unique and fun experience.

“Right now, we all need to blow off some steam and relieve some stress. We call it ‘hatchet therapy!’”

— EverythingBrevard

Stumpy’s Hatchet House

210 King St., Cocoa Village


Facebook: /StumpysHatchetHouseCocoa


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