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Meet the COVID-19 Safety Station

Meet the COVID-19 Safety Station

Going back to work, sending our kids back to school, daily routines and checking tasks off a list all carry a great weight of responsibility today. Living through a pandemic means using cautious behavior for what used to be casual life. 

Risks come with all of those necessary aspects of our routines. But what if there was a solution to some of the logistical aspects of staying safe amid the COVID-19 outbreaks? 

The things we have to do today to try and stay healthy are plenty: wearing masks, washing hands and sanitizing ourselves and surfaces. Don’t touch your face, don’t sit within 6 feet of someone you don’t live with, stand on this dot or behind this line at the store, stay in your car until the doctor’s staff comes out to get you — so many limitations. 

Businesses and schools can’t stay closed or at 50% capacity forever. And what about the people outside of buildings who are tasked with taking temperatures and making sure those entering are wearing a mask and get their hand sanitizer. This comes with liability, what if someone with this responsibility finds themselves infected because of their jobs, or worse, is confronted by someone fed up with the rules. Sadly, that’s happened.

One solution comes from a leading high-tech parking meter manufacturer. The Sentry Safety Station from Advanosys Security & Automation Technologie removes personnel liability while ensuring all appropriate steps are taken to keep COVID-19 (and other viruses) at bay. This 6-foot tall safety station employs an internal medical grade thermometer that upon a person’s presentation, will take their temperature, administer hand sanitizer, and if needed, ensure that masks are on before you are permitted to enter your destination. 

Could this be what we soon see outside a corporate building, convention center, retail shopping center or mall, a school, college campus buildings or any other medium to large-scale facility?

My first thought when hearing about this safety station was, “Well, what about when COVID is over?” (We can only hope). Then I learned this unit also ties into your access control and intrusion detection systems and can provide facial recognition. If someone appears at the station who is disgruntled, angry or upset, the programming of the station can deny access and contact security personnel. 

It has the ability to “hear” gunshots and can also contact local or state authorities. But, that’s not all. Add a camera to the top of the safety station and you can control occupancy — how many people are allowed in or out — as well as provide contact tracing.

This Sentry Safety Station is phenomenal. When I heard about this, all I could think is, what can’t it do!? And I’m barely touching the surface. Best of all, this device is 100% assembled in the U.S.A. and you can lease it for your facilities.


Laurie Knisley, known as the ClayZ Lady, encourages young and old alike to get their art on. Whether it's pottery, painting, crafts, mixed media, journaling or needlework, she believes that art is the cheapest therapy available and the most fun. Laurie owns ClayZ Arts in Rockledge. She can be reached at 321-453-4848, GoCrazy@Clay-Z.com and ClayZArts.com.


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