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New Program Changes Game on Home Improvements

New Program Changes Game on Home Improvements

Property Renovations and Construction ready to serve up affordable upgrades

New year, new windows? How about a new roof? If improving your home is on your list of resolutions this year, Property Renovations and Construction, LLC in Melbourne has a new program you should look into. PRC recently signed on to participate in Florida’s PACE program, which allows homeowners to make substantial upgrades to their home without a large, upfront investment.  

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program is a financing option that encourages homeowners to make improvements that will make their homes safer and more energy efficient. The goal of the program is to help applicants make improvements they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. 

Traditionally, getting a new roof or replacing old windows and doors requires a hefty payment before work can even begin. But through PACE, qualified applicants can get a new roof, new doors, and new windows with no money down. All costs are rolled into one ongoing payment, which homeowners can choose to pay either monthly or once a year with their taxes. All prospective participants must have at least 10% equity in their home, but qualifying for the program is not based on income or credit scores. 

PRC’s director of marketing, KyAlea Monma explained, “It’s great to be able to get your roof, doors, and windows all replaced at the same time, by a quality contractor you can trust, and at a payment you can afford.”

Upgrading your roof, doors, and windows does much more than just enhance the look of your home. Homeowners can see significant savings by making the change. New materials lead to increases in both safety and energy efficiency. Windows are a major source of lost energy, particularly in Central Florida’s climate. Upgrading from traditional single-pane windows to Energy Star rated impact windows could save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills. 

Changing to impact windows and doors, along with a new roof, also helps reduce homeowners’ insurance premiums. The home is less likely to incur damage during a storm, and therefore coverage may cost less. 

Jeff Bernard, of Space Coast Insurance Agency, said homeowners could see their insurance premiums go down by upgrading their homes. 

“When homeowners are considering replacing their older roofs or upgrading their doors and windows to impact resistance, they should call their agent to reassess their insurance coverage and what discounts are available for those renovations,” Bernard said, adding that another benefit is more carriers may be willing to provide competitive quotes.

Tired of boarding up the windows for a storm? Space Coast residents who take advantage of the PACE program surely will enjoy their impact-resistant windows that won’t need cumbersome plywood or hurricane shutters.

The PACE program is relatively new to Brevard County, and Property Renovations and Construction is one of a handful of contractors authorized to work within its framework. The company also has a longstanding history in Brevard. 

Owner Brian Haire was working for another roofing company when he first came to the area back in 2004, just after Central Florida had been heavily impacted with pockets of severe destruction by back-to-back to back hurricanes. In 2011, when that company decided to go back north, Haire started his own roofing business. He later acquired Ability Windows and Doors and Smitty’s Welding, which allowed him to add doors and windows, entry gates, and custom railings to his offerings.

Today, Property Renovations and Construction prides itself on quality, integrity, and honesty. When customers step into their showroom, they can immediately see and feel the difference. PRC is proud to offer products you won’t find elsewhere in the county, and they hold themselves to the highest standards.

“Here at PRC, we choose the highest quality materials and offer the strongest warranties available. We know this is your home and we believe this is a long-term investment,” Monma said.

In 2018, PRC grossed over $21 million after just eight years in business. They soon expect to put the finishing touches on one of the largest architectural window, door, and roofing showrooms in the southeastern United States. Their goal for 2020 is simple — continue serving the community and making quality home improvement accessible to everyone. One big way they are doing that is by offering PACE financing.

Taking advantage of the PACE program can seem overwhelming at first, which is why it is best to hire a contractor who is familiar with the way it works. Property Renovations and Construction can guide you through the process. Your home will not only look great, but you can also have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for any storm.


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