No Pressure, No Diamonds
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No Pressure, No Diamonds

No Pressure, No Diamonds

Summit Brings Women in Business Together To Share Pandemic Lessons, Growth

Something in me feels different and it has been hard to put my finger on exactly what. Like many people, I have struggled over the last year and a half with all the added stress of a global pandemic, social discord and disruptions of our personal lives and routines.  

Any one of these would be enough to weigh down even the most optimistic, buoyant soul. Combined, they have created a unique environment that tested our inner strength and ability to protect ourselves by pushing back against forces outside of our control.     

The prolonged pressure of carrying on at work and home for my family has hardened me. But while the day-to-day process has been painful, I know in my heart the result will be nothing short of miraculous. Because these are the exact conditions necessary to make a diamond. 

Diamonds are a symbol of beauty and strength and are valued so greatly precisely because they’re made perfectly by the extreme conditions of intense pressure and heat found deep within the earth. They are both rare and difficult to find.  

I am no geologist and I cannot explain the scientific process where prolonged pressure transforms carbon into a gemstone. However, I take great solace in knowing that from the depths of the earth, intense pressure is part of the process to create such a precious and radiant gem.  

As executive director of weVENTURE Women’s Business Center in the Florida Tech Bisk College of Business, I have seen countless small business owners over the last year be truly transformed. Their sheer will to carry on, to pivot, to adapt and respond to a myriad of challenges is so inspiring. And now, as economic recovery is well underway in Florida, these entrepreneurs are emerging from the continuous pressure to find themselves hardened, yes, but more valuable than ever.  

They understand their customers’ needs and the foundational elements of their business more clearly, helping them to operate more efficiently than before. Perhaps most importantly, they now are able to look back and appreciate their growth.  

Appreciating the value of hard lessons only happens when we give ourselves time to reflect and learn. That is why August 26th, weVENTURE WBC will host our annual leadership development conference, the IMPACT Summit, with the overarching theme of “No Pressure, No Diamonds.” 

We want to create a space for female entrepreneurs and professionals across all industries to come together and reflect on the lessons learned from the last year, discuss opportunities for personal, professional and societal growth, and identify the valuable changes that can and will now take place. Three speaker presentations will be paired with small-group breakout sessions, to allow for meaningful discussion and connection. 

Diamonds and other precious gems are valuable because we appreciate the unique conditions necessary to make them and are inspired by their unique beautiful qualities. How precious then, are each of us? We are all diamonds in the making. 


2021 IMPACT Summit

Thursday, Aug. 26 

2-5 p.m. Summit 

5-6:30 p.m. networking happy hour

Crown Plaza of Melbourne 


Kathryn Rudloff is the executive director of weVENTURE Women’s Business Center in the Florida Tech Bisk College of Business. weVENTURE accelerates growth for entrepreneurs by providing customized coaching, business education, mentorship and networking programs. For information or to register for courses and mentorship programs, visit or call 321-674-7007.


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