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Stepping Into Expertise Inga Young leaned on experience and built niche firm

Stepping Into Expertise Inga Young leaned on experience and built niche firm

Inga Young is the owner and president of 8-koi, a certified minority and woman-owned small business that employs 60 people. 8-koi specializes in providing training, technical and administrative support and other services to other agencies across the United States.

After working for two decades for other federal government contractors in the area of accounting, Young decided to apply her knowledge of government contracting to guide her own team across multiple disciplines. 

Young founded 8-koi on Aug. 8, 2008. The number eight is significant in Chinese culture, with the shape of the numeral eight representing the symbol for yin and yang. The koi fish is recognized as a symbol of hard work, tenacity and prosperity. The date also had significance because it was when the Beijing Olympics began at 8:08 p.m. 

Young is a Brevard County native whose parents both immigrated separately from Asia. Her mother has a master’s degree in chemistry and her father has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. The couple came to Brevard for both careers; her father worked at then Harris Corporation and her mother was a professor at then FIT and then Brevard Community College before becoming a senior scientist at NASA.

Young attended Gemini Elementary, Hoover Junior High and Satellite High schools, then went on to earn an accounting degree from the University of Florida. She wanted to bring her expertise back to her home area, where she has lived and thrived ever since. 

“I want to exemplify being a good community contributor and employer,” Young said.

As a business owner, Young says that connecting with like-minded people keeps her inspired.

She’s a member of Space Coast Women in Defense and relies on many friends who support her and her work. 

“I don’t think it’s any more difficult being a woman business owner. We all have individual challenges,” Young said. “Innately, I’m very shy and I don’t speak well when I’m nervous. I prefer to be the wing person rather than the pilot, so to speak.” 

Outside of 8-koi, Inga is a Pokemon Go enthusiast and founded the Melbourne Raiders Discord group, now boasting over 1,700 Pokemon Go-loving members. She also has two dogs, Trixie and Artie, who are Cotons de Tulear. In May 2019, Young took her first trip to China when she took Trixie to Shanghai for the 2019 World Dog Show competition. Trixie won the Title World Champion.

“I’m proud to live and work on the Space Coast,” Young said. “And I hope that shows in my career and personal life.”



775 East Merritt Island Causeway, Suite 230

Merritt Island



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