Turner Talent is Trusted Guide for Actors, Models
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Turner Talent is Trusted Guide for Actors, Models

Turner Talent is Trusted Guide for Actors, Models

Gone are the days when modeling, acting, and entertainment jobs were limited to certain ages or specific body types. The world has drastically changed, and now there’s truly room for everyone to have a seat at the audition table. 

Now is a good time to leap (or just dip a toe) into the industry, and the key ingredient to succeed is having a trusted, wise, and seasoned team to guide talent along the way. And it just so happens that one of the most reputable names in coaching, talent development, and casting is headquartered here in Brevard County. 

Turner Talent, composed of the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Kelli and Erica Turner, supports, trains, and develops local and national talent. With 60-plus years of industry experience between them, new talent trusts this team to help them build a successful portfolio and career that works best for their needs. 

Since both have experience in every aspect of the business (Kelli has worked with Robert DeNiro and was a stunt double for Heather Locklear), they possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and they also have the right connections. They work with — and for — talent looking to make a full-time career in entertainment or modeling, as well as those interested in it solely as a side hustle. 

“Seriously, from babies to age 80 and beyond, there’s a wide selection of jobs and opportunities available,” Kelli said.

From what to expect at an audition to setting up meetings with agents, Turner Talent educates and prepares novices, and also offers an array of services to seasoned talent, including an exclusive database that is constantly being updated with local, statewide, regional, and national casting calls. The Central Florida market also has a myriad of opportunities for families.

“I have four children who have been working with Turner Talent for the past 10 years,” said Wendy Fider. “My kids have had so many opportunities. From national commercials and 

international TV spots to being cast as regulars in a series on HBO Max, all of these opportunities are a direct result of their dedication, honesty, and vast understanding of the industry.”

Kelli cautions new talent to beware of “glam scams,” companies that promise the world,  charge a massive fortune, and never deliver any real results. With legitimate auditions going completely virtual during the pandemic, it’s easier now than ever before to audition. 

Erica shares, “I was fortunate to grow up in the talent industry having a “momager” who was always looking out for me. I was even more fortunate that we became business partners, so together we can help so many others safely navigate all that entertainment, modeling, and acting have to offer.”

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