Prestigious Regional Award Honors Cape Canaveral Community Center
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Prestigious Regional Award Honors Cape Canaveral Community Center

After years of outreach, research, design, and construction, the new 24,330-square-foot Cape Canaveral Community Center fulfills the city's vision of providing multi-generational access to health and wellness amenities. 

In January, the city received the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s prestigious Diamond Award for its new community center, which opened in June 2022. The award honors the region's best urban planning projects promoting equity, healthy neighborhoods, conservation, and economic vitality. 

The Cape Canaveral Community Center is an inclusive community gathering space that promotes a healthy lifestyle for all of the city’s residents. The center offers group classes, such as Zumba, karate, yoga and senior fitness classes, while the large gymnasium is used for basketball, pickleball and more. The center also is home to a fully equipped fitness center, a walking track and a conference room. There is even a rock-climbing wall for kids 12 and younger. 

“This is a busy hub within our community due to its ability to host a variety of activities,” said Amy Moody, Cape Canaveral’s community engagement manager.

“I have been going to the new community center since shortly after its opening,” said city resident Art Morales. “I believe it is the perfect opportunity for people to congregate and meet one another. And I cannot say enough about the many courtesies the staff shows on a daily basis.”

Memberships to the center start at just $40 a month for resident adults and $32 a month for resident seniors. Children who are city residents are free. Non-residents are welcome for a slightly higher charge. Committed to assisting residents along their journey to a healthy lifestyle, the city has even contracted with a certified, on-site, personal trainer who members may employ by appointment for supplementary support in reaching their goals.

The mission of the center goes beyond promoting the health and wellbeing of Cape Canaveral’s citizens. The building itself was designed specifically for the Space Coast, with sustainability and resiliency in mind. 

“The City of Cape Canaveral Community Center is the only community center in Brevard to have an active rooftop solar array, helping to offset its energy demands,” said youth recreation leader Shelley Sullivan. “A long-term vision also exists for the center to serve as a resilience hub, utilized to support residents and coordinate resource distribution before and after a natural disaster.” 

Moody said the years-long process of bringing the center to reality was long but fulfilling.

“Today, the community center is a thriving piece of public infrastructure serving residents and visitors alike, working to build a stronger and healthier neighborhood,” she said.

Cape Canaveral Community Center 
7920 Orange Ave., Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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