Tale of 3 Couples: Brevards only CRCC Provides Peace-of-Mind Retirement
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Tale of 3 Couples: Brevards only CRCC Provides Peace-of-Mind Retirement

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Photos courtesy of Buena Vida Estates

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Photos courtesy of Buena Vida Estates

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Photos courtesy of Buena Vida Estates

Meet John and Rachel, Amy and Gerry and Lisa and David — three couples who took very different paths during their retirement years. While in their 70s, all six were relatively healthy, particularly John and Rachel, who opted to age in their own home in Viera.

Amy and Gerry were tired of the upkeep of their large Titusville property, so they moved into an upscale independent living facility they thought offered all the bells and whistles.

Lisa and David also wanted to downsize from their Cocoa Beach home, but they wanted to age in a place that they knew would care for them — regardless of what health or financial challenges the years ahead would bring. They chose the Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Buena Vida Estates in West Melbourne.

Fast forward a decade, and the couples are in their 80s. Maintaining their home has become a burden for John and Rachel, particularly since John has fallen victim to Alzheimer’s. An independent living facility is out of the question for the couple. A memory care facility is the best option for John, but Rachel can barely afford the monthly costs of the facility, and even though their home will sell for a good price, it is not enough to pay for more than a small apartment near John’s nursing home.

Amy and Gerry also have had their share of woes. Amy’s stroke required extensive nursing care at a time when the couple’s investments had taken a downturn. The retirement community they had chosen a decade ago doesn’t provide the assisted living services Amy now needs. Gerry is at wit’s end. With the high cost of an assisted living facility for Amy, Gerry can no longer afford where he lives.

When they were younger, Lisa and David had been part of the sandwich generation, which is tasked with caring for both their children and their aging parents. David’s parents struggled with the challenges of aging, and had to move in with them, while Lisa’s mother lived happily in a CCRC until she passed away. 

Lisa and David did not want to burden their children with the same duties, so they chose a CCRC with true continuum of care.This is a senior community that guarantees care and services for individuals as they age in place.

Meeting Needs

Buena Vida Estates, Brevard’s only not-for-profit CCRC, offers residents the peace of mind that their needs will be met throughout their lifetime, regardless of medical or financial changes they cannot control.

“When you become a resident in our community, you no longer have the stress or concerns that come with owning your home and the maintenance that comes with that, or future needs for care and where you’ll end up,” said Teri Brant, director of marketing at Buena Vida Estates, where Lisa and David live.

Unlike rental senior living communities that may offer one or two levels of care, Buena Vida Estates, as a CCRC, provides independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. 

Buena Vida residents are assured that this community will offer them all levels of care for their lifetime. The required entrance fee underwrites long-term care and generally lowers residents’ monthly living fees, thus saving them money when compared to other retirement communities.

Some for-profit senior communities exaggerate services or downplay the need for them, which residents discover only after they have moved in. These communities may also ask residents to leave if they cannot afford to pay the monthly rent. A CCRC will not ask you to leave.

As an added layer of security, Buena Vida Estates, like all licensed CCRCs in the state of Florida, is regulated by Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation(OIR) and must adhere to the state’s strict guidelines in fulfilling its contractual obligations to residents. Other types of senior communities are not regulated by the Office of Insurance Regulation and do not need to comply with impartial, third-party oversight. 

Yet another additional guarantee of security is Buena Vida’s not-for-profit status, which decrees profits be reinvested into the community. A board of directors comprised of community leaders is responsible for decisions made to ensure the continued wellbeing of the community and its residents. On the other hand, profit-driven retirement communities ultimately base decisions on generating revenue. Should the facility exchange owners, the new administration is not required to honor residents’ contracts, according to Brant.  

Because of their experience with their parents as they aged, Lisa and David knew that time was of the essence when it came to moving into a CCRC. 

“Some people wait too long and may no longer qualify for continuing care coverage,” added Brant. “Moving to a CCRC before a need arises is the best decision you can make.”

At Buena Vida, Lisa and David have enjoyed years of worry-free living in a long-term resort-style community enhanced by the emotional connections found in a community where neighbors are soon good friends. They have made friends during the many recreational and social activities. They enjoy a wellness lifestyle that includes a robust slate of wellness programs, a fitness center and a heated swimming pool. Relaxing at the pub or enjoying chef-curated dinner at Buena Vida’s inviting restaurant is all part of being part of a community. They walk their beloved dog around the beautifully landscaped grounds and play with him at the gated dog park, which is part of the amenities of the pet-friendly community.

A few years ago, the couple segued from independent into an assisted living unit, as they felt they could use more help with daily living activities such as dressing, bathing and medication management. 

When the couple came down with COVID-19, they depended on Buena Vida’s medical team. Residents still pay for their doctors and specialists through Medicare or insurance, but with the clinic in independent living and nursing in assisted living, their daily needs are met. 

A CCRC must have a medical director that oversees the medical program. The Buena Vida Estates clinic, which is open during the week, offers monthly visits from internal medicine physician and Buena Vida Medical Director Dr. Geetha Priyanka, and also from a dermatologist, psychologist, podiatrist, audiology specialists and a massage therapist.   

“Our residents have the convenience of seeing their doctors without having to drive to the doctor’s office,” Dr. Priyanka said. “At Buena Vida Estates, we want to ensure our residents have the best medical care when they need it.”

Lisa and David feel secure that whatever the future brings, Buena Vida Estates will be there for them. They have never looked back at their decision to move to Buena Vida, where #GoodLife includes security and peace of mind.


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