New Owners to Upgrade, Preserve Heidi’s Jazz Club
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New Owners to Upgrade, Preserve Heidi’s Jazz Club

New Owners to Upgrade, Preserve Heidi’s Jazz Club

For over 30 years, Heidi’s Jazz Club has been the No. 1 destination for Brevard County residents to enjoy live music alongside a memorable meal. 

Husband and wife team Eddie and Heidi Deleuil opened the club in 1992 and ran it successfully together until Heidi died in January 2020 after battling cancer. Eddie kept the club running for a while before deciding to sell. That’s when longtime patron Ori Tal decided to buy the landmark club and keep Heidi’s memory alive.

Tal, CEO and owner of ESO Equity Group, discovered Heidi’s in 2008. Back then, he looked forward to evenings spent enjoying delicious meals and listening to live music after a long day at work. When he heard Deleuil planned to sell, he was intrigued by all the club had to offer. 

“I am not in the restaurant business, but I am in real estate,” Tal said. “So when I decided to take it, I called my friend Rani Marom, who owns a couple of clubs in New York, and said, ‘I don’t understand food and beverage and clubs too much, but you do. Why don’t you join me and be 50% of the club and we will run it together?’ He agreed and the rest is history.”

Today, the two friends, who first met in their homeland of Israel, are working together to preserve Heidi’s legacy while building a bigger, better club for the future. They have made significant improvements to the “backline,” adding better sound equipment, lighting, and instruments. Marom’s NYC connections are helping bring more nationally known acts to Heidi’s stage. 

“We didn’t want to make any drastic changes,” Marom said. “We wanted to preserve the feel of the club. We wanted it to be new, but have the vintage feeling of a New York City jazz bar from the ‘30s or ‘40s.”

Tal and Marom have big plans for the future of the club, including an expansion this fall that will bring the number of seats up from 100 to 150 or 175. They will continue to recruit top talent and hope to draw more local patrons alongside visitors. 

Next to the jazz club sits Heidi’s sister restaurant, Heidelberg, where diners can enjoy European cuisine in a quieter setting with nightly live piano music. The same menu is served in both locations, and everything is prepared from scratch.

“Heidelberg’s menu has everything from steak, chops, fish, gazpacho, tartare… really high-end,” Marom said. “We make everything ourselves, the lobster bisque, the dressing for the salads. The menu is European influenced — a bit German, Hungarian — but with an American twist, of course.” 

You can say I am biased,” added Tal, “but I don’t see another place that gives the same experience in this area. No one has our shows, our atmosphere, our quality of food all together.”

“It is good for ages 18 to 80,” Marom said. “That’s why I am in the live music business… everyone feels like they belong.” 

Heidi’s Jazz Club


7 N. Orlando Ave.

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Facebook: /HeidisJazzClub

Instagram: @heidisjazzclub

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