EverythingBrevard Shares Roadmap to Wellness
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EverythingBrevard Shares Roadmap to Wellness

EverythingBrevard Shares Roadmap to Wellness

Our mind is our greatest tool — it opens doors, sows potential and leads us fearlessly on our path to personal greatness… when we allow it to propel us forward. Our mind also can be our greatest weapon of self destruction.

Too many days, the news shares sad stories of battles lost to mental health. And there are exponentially more such stories that don’t make the news. In fact, according to Save.org, almost 800,000 people die by suicide across the globe each year, which is about one death every 40 seconds.

So many families and communities are shocked by loss, left struggling to reconcile unconscionable actions of self-harm. But countless more of us manage daily struggles — usually unaware of simple, accessible techniques, tools and people within reach that can guide us to a lighter, brighter existence.

Reading through the content in this January 2023 issue of EverythingBrevard — and every issue — feels like a roadmap to that potentially great life. It's about finding our way. Our magazine provides pathways to connection, wellness, joyous activities, motivation and self-realization.

We hear from others who have triumphed, like attorney Greg Donaghue, who overcame countless psychological and physical challenges to complete a 2,000-mile thru hike of the Appalachian Trail (page 15). Like Seeta Durjan, who overcame abuse and poverty to celebrate others through her radio show (page 30), and the Luna Sage Acres Farm family, who are balancing severe health challenges with daily life with their goats (page 18).

We introduce you to the experts who offer fresh ideas. You’ll notice the common theme of the thinking-feeling loop from certified hypnotherapist Lori Burke (“Tapping Into Your Body’s Internal Pharmacy Begins With a Thought,” page 40) and EverythingBrevard CEO and Publisher Tracy Stroderd’s wellness journey (“Seeing and Feeling My Way Out of Darkness,” page 48). What you think, you feel, and what you feel, you think. 

How about achieving fitness goals? Start out with a quiz from licensed dietician Eleanor Baker to learn your health grade (page 12) and then soak in “head coach” Rod Stewart’s insights on how to “Achieve Wellness Goals With Simple Actions,” (page 13). And to reinforce, Mike Williams of No Limits Fitness shares the successful ingredient of accountability (page 23).

We all seem to be doing a better job of acknowledging there is a growing need to address mental health. Each of our pathways to achieve zen and find peace will be different, as we have different people and circumstances tugging at us.

Whether it’s making adjustments to feel more at home in your home, like the trends shared by interior designer Kristina Kitsopoulos (page 20) or making sure your relationship is on point  with couples counseling (Kristin Woodling, page 44) and keeping the romance alive (Johnny Lascha, page 46), we’re happy to share many ways to lift yourself into joy.

Let’s have a happy and healthy 2023.

- CEO & Publisher Tracy Stroderd, Managing Editor Lee Nessel 


Tracy Stroderd IG: @tracystroderd

Lee Nessel IG: @Lee_Nessel

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