Same-Day Delivery From the Kid Entrepreneur
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Same-Day Delivery From the Kid Entrepreneur

Same-Day Delivery From the Kid Entrepreneur

It’s humbling to realize it was four years ago already that my daughter, Ella Grace Helton — then 4 years old — and I made the first official Ella Bella Beads bracelet. It was for the CEO and publisher of magazine and amazing mentor, Tracy Stroderd.

She laid dollar bills on the table, teaching Ella about saving, reinvesting and spending. She wore a shirt championing local small business and kissed Ella on the head —  congratulations for making her first product. It was a sendoff with love into the wild world of entrepreneurship.

We are a mom-and-kid shop, selling through social media, word of mouth and vendor events. After a long stretch of an eventless calendar due to the pandemic, Ella was beyond excited to set up at the 3rd Annual Brevard Children’s Business Fair hosted by The Avenue Viera. 

It was postponed multiple times and moved from March to October — a much better selling time of year. Incredible to learn that what started with 25 kids in 2018 blew up to about 80 this fall!

Eager to ride the momentum, Ella wanted to know when we could attend the next festival or market. So I found one... the next weekend. We set up our tent at the Viera East Farmer’s Market and More — the second time for the new monthly event.

With modest neighborhood foot traffic, Ella sold more bracelets than she had at any prior event. She charged credit cards and shared our custom QR code, made cash change, and most importantly, connected with people. She even held her first $100 bill.

Her motivation is strong. We’ve raised thousands of dollars for charity, to help feed hungry children, and she also packed the food — immersed in the entire process. This holiday season, she also was driven to earn enough to purchase a pricey LEGO kit for her dad, who’s been dealing with long-haul COVID effects.

We discouraged her from thinking along these lines, despite the fun they’d have together building it. She was determined to work hard, though, to bring him joy. Any discouragement only fueled her. 

The payment to me was time together and witnessing people admire Ella Bella Beads’ products and story. Ella is the heart and soul.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported small local businesses. In the modern world of being able to order anything online and get it delivered tomorrow, there’s a magical feeling about the ancient market concept, where you can smile and talk to people, and share creativity.

We even made a custom order same-day delivery — by bicycle. Take that, behemoth online retailers! 

Ella Bella Beads

IG: @EllaBellaBeads

FB: /IWantMyEllaBellaBeads

Viera East Farmers Market and More

2nd Saturday of each month

Woodside Park

1705 Crane Creek Blvd., Viera

10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Facebook: /VEfarmersmarket

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