Being Your Best Dad
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Being Your Best Dad

Being Your Best Dad

We dads are all over the place when it comes to the individual journey to be the best parent we can be. Some stay at home and struggle to feel worthiness while others are the main income earner and work so much that they have little time to spend with loved ones — which can be a different struggle with worthiness.

I recently founded ImagineDads, a platform where I connect with other dads, where we support each other, share experiences, and elevate our understanding of being our best dad. Wherever you are on the spectrum of dadhood, you are not alone.

We each define what being the best dad means in our own unique way. Hopefully that vision inspires us to keep working to be better than the dad we were yesterday. If you’re giving your best, then you’re already winning. 

So, how did your day begin? Maybe you woke up first, made the coffee, got the dishes put away and dirty dishes loaded into the dishwasher, got the kids dressed even brushed their teeth. You handed momma her coffee as you all are about to leave the house and then you realize... you forgot something. It might have been to put on pants. That's ok, dads! 

It’s easy to be so consumed with the routine, but maximum effort does equal maximum return. Being your best dad allows you to help with the heavy family lifting. Your kids will notice how much you are trying to help them. For some dads, that comes in the form of waking up earlier to help kickstart the routine. Other dads will go to the gym during lunch so they can get out of work early to pick up the kids and have more quality family time.

Every day, a new repetition begins. Our muscle memory takes over and eventually, we get the routine down and maybe, just maybe, we even remember the pants. 

And since efficiency results in time, think about how to add in creativity. I’ve learned to harness opportunities to either surprise my wife to show her how amazing she is or surprise our son with a trip to the park. 

Being our best dad is a mix of routine, efficiency and creativity. However you do it, enjoy it.



Akira Monma founded ImagineDads to share experiences to provide potential solutions or ideas to help each other and to let you know, you are not alone.

Instagram: @imaginedads

Facebook: /AkiraMonma


Loving husband and father Akira Monma is a senior software engineer for Collins Aerospace. The former gymnastics instructor and competitive break dancer coaches and instills confidence in students to realize the greatness he sees in them. He also is the founder of ImagineDads YouTube channel.


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