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Business Showcase-Dragonfly Botanica

Business Showcase-Dragonfly Botanica

Dragonfly Botanica Apothecary & Teas could be the best-smelling shop in Brevard County. It houses the ultimate all-natural aroma of high-grade teas and locally made honey, jams and jellies.

If you’re a fan of boxed tea, wait until you try the fresh cut. Or if tea hasn’t been your go-to beverage, you may reconsider given the quality, flavors and health benefits of the tea at Dragonfly Botanica. Not to mention the cost — mere cents per serving.

Only good things await when you meet owners Joan and Dr. Sal Giorgianni at their Melbourne store. The Giorgiannis wear white lab coats and are surrounded by clean rows of silver canisters, each labeled and filled with a different type of tea. Deliveries come three times a month, keeping everything fresh.

“When we set this tea shop up, we wanted a feeling like you are coming into our kitchen,” Joan said.

Following Sal’s storied career in pharmacy that included product development for Pfizer and teaching at his alma mater, Columbia University in New York City, the Giorgiannis decided to retire to Florida. But “retirement” has them working six days a week. Joan tends the store Monday through Friday while Sal counsels military retirees on proper use of medications. After that, he comes to the store in the evenings and Saturdays.

“We like tea, it’s a nice way to meet some really wonderful people,” Sal said. “It’s a fun beverage and like wine, you can really enjoy it. We are here to educate people about tea and help them enjoy a really healthy delicious product.”

The store has medium- and high-grade teas that are harvested — some by hand — from different regions of the world.

“You’ll know it’s a fine tea when you drink it, it’s smooth, it has a wonderful flavor,” Sal said. “Some teas you buy in the supermarket taste burnt or have a strong flavor.” This, he explained is because the first two layers of a harvest are sold for premium processing, to places like Dragonfly Botanica. “Everything else is what they put in tea bags.”

What tea is for you? Some are associated with health benefits. Some people enjoy purely for flavor and experience. Sal’s favorite is the robust smoky pu-erh. Joan favors fine-grade green Lung Ching.

They carry matcha, which has high levels of phytochemicals and slowly released caffeine. Yerba mate delivers a kick. Lemongrass, ginger, raspberry, apricot and white tangerine. How about Melbourne Holiday, a China black blend with coconut, chocolate and aramin flowers.

Not sure where to start? The Giorgiannis will advise.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on is helping you finding a tea you love,” Sal said. “We blend to find the perfect mix.”

Locataed at 6450 North Wickham Road, Suite 102
Melbourne, FL 32940

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