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Cruise Ships Cape Canaveral Launches Groundbreaking Womens Event Launches Groundbreaking Womens Event CEO Tracy Stroderd is proud to welcome you to make meaningful connections and leave with life-changing takeaways from “Unwrap the BEST You,” a unique gathering of women.

Reconnect with your inner self and uncover what it is that you need to thrive in this life while positively affecting everyone around you. Magnetism is powerful. When you put good things out into the world, people are drawn to you and want to mimic your successful behaviors. Are you ready for that?

We know how amazing it feels to be happy and healthy, have purpose and make a difference. We will explore all of this, but also go beyond and introduce you to other like-minded women so you can forge new relationships that perpetuate and lead to amazing things.

We’re calling it a symposium, but it’s so much more. Please join us at Unwrap the BEST You, a two-day event that starts with a fun cocktail party (couples welcome) on Friday, March 2. Then, the wow continues on Saturday, March 3. Learn about the cycles that we have to stop ignoring and the healing effects of rest and peace. We all know busy. We live busy, but we don’t have to let busy rule our lives.

The women who will be sharing from the heart as featured speakers will shed light on many aspects of what it takes to live a healthy, wealthy and worthy life. Our keynote guest, Dr. Lana Saal, especially knows what that entails — she has won awards for creating and implementing award-winning wellness programs at major organizations, including Brevard Public Schools.

For more information and to register, visit Due to popular demand, early bird pricing has been extended to Feb. 14 and tickets are HOT. WE also have a special non-profit rate.

Sponsors interested in being a part of this historic event, contact Tracy Stroderd at 321-960-3453 or


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