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Let’s Talk About Sex and Imbalances

Let’s Talk About  Sex and Imbalances

Hormones, sex, relationships, and mental health are intertwined. Lives and relationships are falling apart because we don’t recognize that, and we’re not talking about how to do something about it.

A wise philosopher said that change is the only constant. The impact of that truth on our lives is affected by whether we understand the change, are prepared for the change, and know what to do when the change occurs. Aging is inevitable. Fortunately, technological and medical advances significantly improve our quality of life as we get older.

That’s particularly important when it comes to the physiological changes that we can’t prevent, such as hormonal fluctuations. Treatment of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance continues to improve, but it needs to more readily include the crucial component of addressing the psychological effects. The most commonly known symptoms of hormonal imbalance are irregular periods, osteoporosis, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, breast tenderness, indigestion, constipation, hair loss, diarrhea, insomnia, daytime drowsiness, acne, etc.

There are other effects of hormonal imbalance, however, that can’t simply be addressed with medication.

Often ignored is how stress factors into hormone imbalance. Stress is a monster that wreaks havoc in our lives. It makes our muscles weak, makes our bones brittle, zaps our strength, cripples our immune system, and debilitates our libido. Left unchecked, stress bombards the body with cortisol (one of the “fight or flight” hormones), and prolonged increased cortisol levels cause the body to take from other hormone resources.

The rub is that there’s no straight-line way to navigate these challenges. Everyone is going to experience a stressful change in hormones. These bodies that we live in start to rebel against their own self-interests. Despite Freud’s notion of a self-preservation instinct wherein we are biologically programmed to preserve our existence, there comes a time in our lives when our bodies and minds feel like they’re trying to extinguish us.

Women suffer more because they experience more frequent hormonal changes. The real physical and psychological results are that women feel exposed, vulnerable, undesired, unattractive, out of control, and alone at a time when they really need answers and support.

One of the most pertinent places that this displacement has consequences is within relationships. It’s difficult to maintain connectedness and intimacy when you’re struggling with your own sense of identity. The resulting anxiety serves to keep stress levels high. It can even lead to one’s sanity being tested and questioned. We need to rise above marginalizing the mental health effects of hormone imbalance.

Studies show that 74 percent of doctors don’t initiate the conversation on these areas of health, but 73 percent of women are waiting for their doctor.

Whole Self Health, a new practice from Suntree Pharmacy, isn’t waiting to start the conversation because help is needed now. Whole Self Health is bringing expert professionals together to create a total healing environment. It is no longer necessary to suffer in silence.  


Whole Self Health

Mike Peterson, a resident of Brevard since early childhood, has been the business manager and marketing director for Suntree Pharmacy for over 11 years. His passion for total being health and wellness fuels his work at Suntree Pharmacy, involvement with AMIKids, and mentor activities with Brevard County schools.    

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