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Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Tracy Stroderd, Tracy's Wellness Journey

You’d think getting walloped with a life-changing diagnosis would be enough motivation to take better care of myself. But it’s not that easy. Even after finding out in 2016 that everything had to change because I was going to be living as a diabetic, I didn’t make exercise a priority. After countless conversations with my doctor about the importance of exercising to avoid future complications from diabetes, I still could not find the will to move.

But like plants in spring, I have turned a new leaf and 2017 is the year I move. Just as any object needs a push to get into motion and pick up momentum, I am rolling down the path to better health and committed to leaving behind a life of inactivity.
Diabetes is interesting. Especially when you realize the complications that can arise from not eating right and not exercising — strokes, heart attacks and amputations are the big ones. The thought of any of those three should have been sufficient motivation, but the fact of the matter is…it was not. I didn’t feel sick and I didn’t look sick so I defaulted to telling myself I was okay. And while that might have been true in the moment, it all would catch up with me later.
My biggest struggle has been having to do it on my own, and for myself.

Since January, I have decided to look at exercising differently. Instead of it being something I dread, I am now focused on just moving and embracing life every day. As part of my self-care, I hired a personal trainer. My workouts are one-on-one with no one else in the gym and personalized to meet my specific needs. I leave each workout feeling stronger and alive.
I also have started running and riding my bike. It’s a great way to clear my head and it allows time for some creative thinking. Running has never been an activity that I have enjoyed, but as I get stronger, I am running further and feel like I am breathing in life.

I am taking in the beauty of living on the Space Coast by feeling the sand between my toes walking on the beach. A theme park is about fun, but a day walking around one of them provides plenty of exercise. I approach every day differently now, looking for how I can move better. When grocery shopping, I walk every aisle, even if I don’t need to, knowing I’m racking up the steps. I park a little farther away from buildings than I used to.

It feels good to be moving.

Tracy's Wellness Journey


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