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Self-Discipline Self Care

Self-Discipline Self Care

Tracy's Wellness Journey

Self-Discipline = Self Care

In my mind, I always thought self-care was getting facials and massage or getting my hair and nails done because it gave me a few moments to myself, a break from the daily grind of being a mom and entrepreneur. I now realize that is a misconception. My views on self-care are evolving as I get older.

The actor Will Smith talks about self-discipline being the definition of self-love. When I heard that message, I was intrigued as the word discipline has always left me with a negative vibe. But he goes on to explain that self-discipline is simply forgoing the immediate pleasure of something in exchange for long term self-respect. He believes that sustained happiness is achieved through disciplining your behavior.

I find myself having to make daily choices about balancing my career, family and personal wellness. When I heard Will’s message and reflected on the depth of what he was proposing, I realized that I often choose to put other people’s needs and wants before my own. I am not disciplined when it comes to self-love.

There are things that I know about myself, things that I need to incorporate into my life to be my best self. I need time to be still, time to think, time to process, time to create, time to plan, time to listen and time to just be. Why is it so hard to say, “NO”?  

I am learning that telling people NO isn’t a bad thing. People in general don’t know what you’re feeling, what your workload is or what your plans are, so they just ask. It’s our job to have boundaries and to be OK and with making ourselves a priority. I believe as women and moms we have trained ourselves to put our families and others first. We think we can do it all and then one day we wake up and ask ourselves what am I doing? What is my purpose? There must be more to life than this. We find ourselves lost, and that is typically where the wellness journey begins.

During the last several weeks, I have spent time determining and prioritizing my core values. This clarity has helped me when it comes to making commitments and scheduling self-care into my calendar. Yes, I put my self-care and other priorities like faith and family on my calendar first and then fill in the blanks with work and community contributions. I know there is still room for improvement but so far this strategy is working.

I have been paddle-boarding, kayaking and exercising, I am scheduled to attend the Heart of the Matter Transformation Weekend Retreat the first weekend of May. And I have also scheduled three mini getaways with my husband and time with the kids and grandkids.

Self-discipline is self-love!



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