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Taking healing to New Depths

Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Center is one of many hidden treasures in our community — it’s where you can go to depth on the surface!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a specialized medical treatment where patients comfortably sit inside the chamber and breathe pure oxygen while at simulated depth of 45 feet below sea level. During the treatment, the patients’ cells are hyper-stimulated with oxygen, allowing them to perform the necessary processes to begin healing wounds and infections.

The chamber was co-engineered by myself and a specialized-machine-works company with a history of building unique vessels. Since establishing the program, the chamber has performed more than 50,000 patient treatments here in Brevard County.

My initial introduction to hyperbaric medicine was by chance while practicing medicine on Marathon Key. I was treating patients in the emergency room who experienced decompression illness from diving, otherwise known as “the bends.” My curiosity and interests were piqued when I learned the military had been using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat wounded soldiers since the Korean War. The potential for treating the public was immense. By the time I came across hyperbaric medicine, there were numerous long-established treatment protocols from multiple medical disciplines.

Since the late 1980s, for example, oral maxillofacial surgeons recommend hyperbaric treatments before and after any operation on a cancer survivor who had radiation to the head and neck. This is done to prevent serious complications and infections.

After six years of research, continued education, training, and intensive planning, I opened Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Center with my wife, Deborah, in 1998. For six years, I diligently worked to educate and develop relationships with other physicians.

A change in Medicare regulations in 2004 meant I could no longer provide hyperbaric treatment — it had be overseen by a hospital. Wuesthoff Hospital continued treating the community. But when the Medicare decision was reversed, I reopened Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Center in 2015, this time with my wife and daughter, Jenelle.

Even after 19 years of practicing hyperbaric medicine, the healing capabilities never cease to impress me. We’ve had numerous patients enter our doors in wheelchairs without much hope of improvement. At the end of their treatment, they were able walk out of our facility healed and with a new lease on life.

Our philosophy as a family toward patient care is simple: “Improving quality of life so patients can get back to what matters.” We offer affordable treatment plans and rates unlike any other center in the county. If you have any questions about Hyperbaric treatment or wound care, you can visit or call 321-676-3200.

Dr. Paul W. Buza, D.O., F.A.C.N., is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in hyperbaric medicine and wound care. He began practicing medicine on Brevard County in 1998.

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Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Chamber


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