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Thermography of Brevard: Prevention Before Detection

Thermography of Brevard Prevention Before Detection

We are Katie Ainsley and Shelly Gardner, owners of Thermography of Brevard, and breast cancer survivors who both were diagnosed in our early 30s with no family history. After meeting through a breast cancer support group, we decided to partner and bring the best thermography service to Brevard County. We are proud to be serving Brevard for over two years and have expanded to offer our thermography services in Vero Beach.

Katie and husband, Mark, have five children, two who were born after her breast cancer battle. Shelly is married to Nick, and she gave birth to their miracle baby, Tegan, while undergoing treatment for leukemia.

We are passionate about educating women (and men) about this amazing screening tool. Digital infrared thermal imaging, otherwise known as thermography, can detect the changes related to breast cancer eight to 10 years before those cells form to make a tumor. Thermography is also sensitive to other health issues such as thyroid dysfunction, carotid arteries, colon, bowels, pain, skin cancer, liver and kidney dysfunction, arthritis, autoimmune dysfunction and more.

You can be proactive about your health using a screening tool that has no radiation, no compression, no pain and is affordable.

Thermography is a digital infrared image that captures the thermal patterns on the skin’s surface. Those patterns are related to the sympathetic nervous system and show where there is dysfunction in the body. Thermography is highly sensitive to inflammation, lymph congestion, cellular changes and increased vascular activity. The patterns created show where there is dysfunction in the body so that you can be proactive about your health and take action before major health problems develop.

Why choose Thermography of Brevard?

Being breast cancer survivors, we have learned a lot through our own experiences and are now educating others so that NO OTHER woman has to go through what we did.

We operate with the thermology company Meditherm, which has been in business 30 years and has over 40,000 systems in use in the United States, along with many internationally. You can go anywhere in the world and your reports will be connected. There is a high standard of consistency. All thermographers are trained and certified by ACCT, the cameras are manufactured in one location in the United States and are FDA approved, and the reporting doctors are all practicing medical doctors, who are willing to speak to your doctor.

Thermography certification is from the American College of Clinical Thermology. ACCT is a thermology college that has an overseeing medical board.

The equipment (camera, software program etc) is state-of-the-art with high sensitivity. The cameras used are the only FDA registered and approved equipment that are manufactured, certified and approved in a FDA facility.

All patient records are safe with HIPPA compliant database. Reports are interpreted and written within a few days, not weeks.


Thermography of Brevard

1051 Eber Blvd. Suite 201, Melbourne 32904



A former teacher, Katie Ainsley is passionate about educating women on how to prevent breast cancer and other diseases and how to live a healthy more natural life. She enjoys the beach, listening to the rain and spending time with her family.

Shelly Gardner is passionate about helping women who are going through breast cancer and has previously been a facilitator of a breast cancer support group. She enjoys traveling and making memories with her husband and daughter.


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